Fits perfectly! Tim Burton to direct new ‘Addams Family’ series – Series News

The “Addams Family” was invented in the 1930s and has appeared in films and television ever since. There could soon be a new series with the dark figures of the clan – and Tim Burton is said to be directing! Paramount Pictures When it comes to the series, we haven’t seen much from weird horror … Read more

The horror sensation continues: “A Quiet Place” gets a spin-off – and the director fits perfectly! – Cinema News

In the world of “A Quiet Place” there is an exciting premise – only those who are absolutely still survive! Now, after two films about Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and her family, a spin-off is to come in which the post-apocalyptic world will be expanded. Paramount In 2018, the horror thriller “A Quiet Place” about aliens … Read more

That fits! Neil Patrick Harris in new super-crazy action satire starring Nicolas Cage as Nicolas Cage – Kino News

Nicolas Cage fans are currently looking forward to many crazy projects with their darling. But the craziest-sounding film is certainly “The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent” – and there is now a suitable cast access. Cook Movies Neil Patrick Harris will join Nicolas Cage in The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent – as his manager. … Read more

Russell Crowe’s iconic “Thor 4” role revealed – and it just fits perfectly – Kino News

It was recently leaked that Russell Crowe will also have a guest appearance in the MCU adventure Thor 4: Love And Thunder. Now the Oscar winner himself revealed which iconic role he will play in the MCU adventure. 2020 LEONINE DISTRIBUTION GMBH Danger! It actually goes without saying from the headline, but here’s the warning … Read more

Documentary about Michael Schumacher comes to Netflix instead of to the cinema – and the new date fits perfectly – cinema news

Actually, a documentary about Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher should be in cinemas in 2019. The project was quiet for a long time. Now it will appear shortly – but on Netflix. Netflix “Schumacher” was originally supposed to hit the cinemas in 2019. The date was deliberately chosen, as Michael Schumacher turned 50 at the … Read more

New to Amazon Prime Video: A DC destruction orgy that fits perfectly right now – cinema news

Before The Suicide Squad hits theaters, Suicide Squad is new on Amazon Prime Video. And especially with regard to the theatrical release, the (re)view of the DC comic adaptation, which has disappointed many fans, could be a little worthwhile. Warner Bros./Amazon “Suicide Squad” is little more than an average CGI destruction orgy blockbuster full of … Read more

Confusion about new series with Spider-Man and Daredevil resolved: This is how it fits into the MCU – series news

Marvel left fans confused with the announcement of the upcoming Disney Plus series, Spider-Man: Freshman Year. Now finally comes the resolution. The magic word is once again multiverse. Disney and its affiliates The Spider-Man: Freshman Year animated series will take place before the events of Captain America: Civil War and will show us an even … Read more

Fits perfectly: director of the scariest horror film of all time makes the next Stephen King film adaptation

For some time now, Rob Savage has been able to call himself the director of the scariest horror film of all time with his little pandemic shocker “Host”. And that now leads to a lucrative job: He films Stephen King’s “The Boogeyman”. RLJE Films For years there have been plans in Hollywood to finally adapt … Read more

Superstar for the new Marvel film after “Venom 2”: Russell Crowe in “Kraven The Hunter” – and his role fits perfectly! – Cinema News

In addition to starring in the MCU film Thor 4: Love And Thunder, Russell Crowe has also landed a second Marvel role: the Gladiator star will be the father of the eponymous Spider in Kraven The Hunter -Man” villains. Warner Bros. Sony is continuing to expand its own Marvel universe, which is largely independent of … Read more

Movie legend joins “Fast & Furious 10” – and her role fits perfectly! – Cinema News

Vin Diesel has revealed several times that he wants film legend and Oscar winner Rita Moreno for a role in “Fast & Furious 10”. Now he got his wish – and Dom got a grandmother because of it… Universal Pictures Now, with one of his regular videos from the set of Fast & Furious 10, … Read more