“The Lord of the Rings” series: After working on the script, shooting finally continues – series news

Work on the first season of Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings series finally resumes. Permission for the staff to travel to New Zealand was granted a while ago, and now the script team is ready. Warner Bros. Good news for those eagerly awaiting Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings series: Like the industry magazine deadline … Read more

“Stranger Things”: Filming for the 4th season finally continues – series news

The cinema and series industry continues to suffer from the corona pandemic since lockdown measures were implemented in March. The “Stranger Things” makers now have positive news about the Netflix series. Netflix When the first news of closed sets and stopped filming in the USA reached us in March 2020, it quickly became clear that … Read more

New on DVD and Blu-ray: Ex-Index shocker finally uncut & brand new horror longer than in the cinema – Kino News

With “Maniac”, a controversially discussed slasher classic is finally being released completely uncut today, after it recently came off the Index. Also available today: Blumhouse’s “Fantasy Island” in the unrated version. Nameless Media William Lustig’s hard-hitting slasher “Maniac” (1980) didn’t have an easy time with the censorship authorities for a long time. In Germany, for … Read more

“Cobra Kai” on Netflix: Season 3 finally has a start date – season 4 confirmed! – Series news

This is what fans have been waiting for: After the third season of “Cobra Kai” has long been wrapped up, it is finally clear when it will appear. In the same breath, streaming giant Netflix has extended the “Karate Kid” series for season 4. Netflix Fans of “Cobra Kai” have two reasons to be happy: … Read more

Start date confirmed: Season 31 of “The Simpsons” is finally coming to Disney + – series news

Season 32 of “The Simpsons” is already running in the USA, while the 31st season is currently being broadcast on ProSieben in Germany. And that’s exactly what’s finally going to be streamed next month – on Disney+. Walt Disney As Disney just confirmed, there’s a replenishment coming soon from “everybody’s favorite family”: Season 31 of … Read more

“Dexter” continues – will the series finally have a happy ending? – Series news

Leading actor Michael C. Hall returns as the sympathetic, bestial killer Dexter Morgan – in a series limited to ten episodes. So fans can hope that the ending is more successful than that of season 8. Show time “Lost”, “Game Of Thrones”, “Dexter” – in retrospect, popular series are often reduced to their endings, especially … Read more

Old “Walking Dead” secret finally revealed? New Episode ‘World Beyond’ Post-Credits Scene Explained – Series News

Ever since Season 9 of the main series, The Walking Dead fans have puzzled over the meaning of the mysterious “A” and “B” designations associated with zombie test subjects. In the new episode “World Beyond” there’s apparently the solution: When injured Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is found by Anne aka Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) in Season … Read more

No longer forbidden: Today the best zombie film of all time starts – finally uncut – in the cinema! (Sponsored) – Cinema News

The uncut version of George A. Romero’s “Zombie – Dawn Of The Dead” was confiscated directly in 1978, which is why only cut versions of the horror masterpiece have ever been shown in cinemas in Germany. Til today! Koch Media GmbH Last year, “Zombie – Dawn Of The Dead” was not only removed from the … Read more

“Insidious 5” is coming – and will finally be a real horror sequel – Kino News

“Insidious 3” and “Insidious 4” were prequels to the first two films in the horror series. Now “Insidious 5” has been announced – as a sequel to the second part. Patrick Wilson returns and also makes his directorial debut. SonyPictures In the third film in the “Insidious” series, the clock was turned back: probably because … Read more