Bring out your films: Why we need “Tenet”, “Mulan” and Co. NOW! #SupportYourLocalCinema – Cinema News

This Friday is not a good day for cinema fans. Because we received numerous other reports of postponements – up to the year 2021. FILMSTARTS editor Björn Becher urgently calls for a rethink. Warner Bros. / Webedia GmbH +++ Opinion +++ I admit it: I was far too optimistic. I assumed that we would see … Read more

Only today: “Shazam!”, “Godzilla 2” and thousands of other films on offer at Amazon – Kino News

Are you looking for bargains? Then a visit to Amazon is worthwhile – because today the shipping giant ends two big campaigns for film fans, in which there are 4 Blu-rays for 30 euros and 4 DVDs for 20 euros. WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. / Steven Wilke © DC Comics / The timing may not … Read more

These 23 films will soon be released by Netflix: A sci-fi highlight, strong insider tips and much more – cinema news

You only have until Friday before numerous Netflix films disappear in one fell swoop – including “The Martian”, the two “Percy Jackson” adventures and “The Simpsons – The Movie”. 2015 Twentieth Century Fox Stupid timing: Just before the weekend, a particularly large number of Netflix films disappear, because on Saturday the month begins again – … Read more

Not just Galadriel: In Amazon’s “The Lord of the Rings” series, other characters from the films are said to appear – series news

The Middle-earth series for Amazon Prime Video takes place long before The Lord of the Rings, so there’s no need to hope for Bilbo, Frodo, Aragorn or even Gandalf to appear. But two other well-known figures should actually be there… Warner Bros./Amazon It has long been known that Galadriel will not only appear in Peter … Read more

Lots of news at Netflix: You can stream these 14 films starting today – cinema news

From disturbing thrillers to hard-hitting old-school action and cult comedy, Netflix has it all and more, starting today with movies like Mother!, London Has Fallen and The Naked Gun! universe movie After a few Netflix films said goodbye yesterday, the streaming giant is back up again just in time for the beginning of the month … Read more

Stream now: One of the best films of 2020 has just landed directly in the home cinema – cinema news

Among the top 30 films of the year on Metacritic, 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but still hardly anyone here talks about “Bad Education”. Almost quietly and secretly, the highlight with Hugh Jackman has now also been released in Germany: HBO One thing right away: Regardless of the fact that we don’t have any criticism … Read more

From “Back to the Future” to “Twin Peaks”: Amazon campaign with hundreds of classic films and series – Kino News

Only while stocks last: the online retailer Amazon is currently putting out lots of cult formats at low prices – from cinema classics such as “Back to the Future” and “Indiana Jones” to “Werner” and “Twin Peaks”. Universal Pictures Amazon starts the week with a new offer. So if you have “too much” money in … Read more

Killer jeans and Simon Pegg is losing weight as blatantly as Christian Bale: the next films for the Fantasy Filmfest have been confirmed! – Cinema News

This year, FILMSTARTS is again the official media partner of the Fantasy Filmfest – and that’s why you don’t just get all the information from us, you get it here first. See you at the cinema! After we announced the first eight films to you two weeks ago, they are now following the next three … Read more

Melting faces and man-eating politicians: new films for the Fantasy Filmfest! – Cinema News

This year FILMSTARTS is again the official media partner of the Fantasy Filmfest – and that’s why you don’t just get all the information from us, you get it here first. See you at the cinema! neon After we have already announced eleven films to you, we now have two contributions that wonderfully underline that … Read more