“After Truth” & “Passion”: We explain the phenomenon of success – cinema news

The “After” stories began as fan fiction on the Internet, became book bestsellers – and finally the film “After Truth” even knocked “Tenet” off the chart throne when it opened in cinemas. Sebastian Gerdshikow traces the success story in the video: It’s not as if we at FILMSTARTS are fans of the shallow “After” books … Read more

“The Mandalorian”: We explain THE surprising return in the new episode – series news

SPOILERS for Chapter 9 “The Marshal”! In the season 2 premiere of “Star Wars: The Mandalorian”, a sheriff wears the armor of a famous bounty hunter – and the owner Boba Fett is probably seen at the very end. But didn’t he die? The Walt Disney Company For many fans, George Lucas committed a sin … Read more

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“The Mandalorian”: We explain the 3 (!) big surprises of the new episode – series news

SPOILERS on the latest episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian… in which we meet The Clone Wars fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano, learn Baby Yoda’s real name Grogu — and hear that Ahsoka is hunting a certain Thrawn. The Walt Disney Company No other Mandalorian season 2 episode has had as many surprises as Chapter 13: The … Read more

‘The Mandalorian’: We Explain Emperor Palpatine’s Plan of Mass Destruction

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“The Mandalorian”: We explain THE surprise that “Star Wars” fans will be talking about for a long time – series news

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Title of “Matrix 4” probably revealed: That would explain a lot… – Kino News

If that really is the title of “Matrix 4”, that would explain a lot: “Matrix Resurrections”, i.e. “Matrix Resurrections” or “Matrix Revivals”, should be the name of the fourth film in the series. Appropriate, since Neo and Trinity are both dead. Warner Bros. So far, the still untitled fourth “Matrix” film ran under the makeshift … Read more

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