“Red Notice”: Ryan Reynolds shares a new picture of the (for the time being) most expensive Netflix film of all time – cinema news

“Red Notice” with superstars Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds is said to cost $160 million, making the action comedy the most expensive Netflix film of all time (for now!). Now there is a new picture of the shooting. Christian Black/Netflix In just a few years, Netflix has grown big enough to spend budgets … Read more

The most expensive Netflix film of all time: Dwayne Johnson shares a new picture for “Red Notice” – cinema news

As things stand, “Red Notice” is the most expensive Netflix film of all time (although the next, even more expensive film is already in the starting blocks). Co-lead actor Dwayne Johnson has now shared a new picture and raved about the camera. Paramount Pictures France / Netflix With an estimated budget of $160 million, Red … Read more

Netflix is ​​canceling one of its best series for the time being – because it is too expensive and too exhausting – series news

Things haven’t been looking so good for a sequel to David Fincher’s thriller series Mindhunter for a while. Fincher has now confirmed that Netflix season 3 is off the radar for the time being. And these are the reasons: Netflix Netflix is ​​increasingly being accused of focusing on quantity instead of quality. Films and series … Read more

Dwayne Johnson reveals new picture of “Red Notice”: That’s why it’s the most expensive Netflix film of all time! – Cinema News

We’ve been reading a lot about the most expensive Netflix film of all time “Red Notice” lately. Big bucks go to superstars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds & Gal Gadot, but now we know what else the budget is splurging on… Paramount Pictures France / Netflix With a budget of $160 million, “Red Notice” is currently … Read more

Netflix grabs one of the most expensive German films of all time – cinema news

Hollywood has long tried to remake the anti-war classic, Nothing New in the West. That didn’t work out – now the remake is coming from Germany. Instead of going to the cinema, the drama with Daniel Brühl should come to Netflix. Universal Pictures / Netflix – Image from “Inglourious Basterds” The Netflix streaming service has … Read more

That’s why Disney + will soon be almost a third more expensive – cinema news

As part of a four-hour investor event, Disney presented a lot of new information about the future of Marvel, Star Wars & Co. One particularly interesting announcement concerns the future of Disney+ in Europe. Disney On February 23, 2021, Disney + is to have a new channel in many countries including Germany, which many adult … Read more

“James Bond” star in Netflix’s 007 competition: cast for the most expensive Netflix film of all time is growing

When the “Avengers 4” makers for Netflix launch a spy franchise with “The Gray Man”, they can really get down to business. And so they have now been able to sign Shootingstar and Ana De Armas – that fits in perfectly with the 007 competitor. Universal Pictures / Netflix Ana De Armas joins Ryan Gosling … Read more

Most expensive Netflix film of all time: “Game of Thrones” star joins the cast around Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling & Co

“Avengers 4” creators Joe and Anthony Russo are currently working on the spy film “The Gray Man” – the most expensive Netflix production of all time. Now new stars have been committed to the film. Including a “Game of Thrones” actress. Apple TV+ / Sony Pictures / Warner Bros. Pictures / Netflix The new Netflix … Read more

New on Disney+: One of the best and most expensive films of the year – directly for streaming instead of in the cinema! – Cinema News

Because of the corona pandemic, Disney has already released some films directly on Disney + that should have been in cinemas. But the mouse studio waited until Christmas with its biggest highlight… Disney Up to now, it has mainly been medium-sized films like “Artemis Fowl” or “The One True Ivan” that Disney has released directly … Read more

Netflix is ​​getting more expensive – but also wants to deliver more highlights – cinema news

Netflix is ​​once again raising the prices for its streaming subscriptions, but the costs will not be higher for all subscription models. We give you an overview of the increases and also reveal what Netflix promises you for your money. Netflix Netflix has already increased its prices in the US and parts of Europe, and … Read more