“Riverdale”: With this finale, the 4th season ends early – series news

Riverdale fans really don’t have it easy these days. Corona has brought production to its knees and the broadcast of the current fourth season is affected. At least now we know what the early final will look like. After a break of several weeks, the 17th episode of “Riverdale” finally aired on Netflix on April … Read more

Bad news for fans: “Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina” ends after Season 4 on Netflix

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina will no longer continue after the forthcoming fourth season. After all, Netflix has now published the first pictures and information about the plot of the series finale of “CAOS”. 1. Zelda & Hilda + © Diyah Pera/Netflix If you were hoping that “Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina” would run on Netflix for … Read more

“Money Heist”: Netflix hit ends with season 5! – Series news

Crime fans can expect the crazy heist story of Money Heist to come to an end in the upcoming fifth season. Showrunner Alex Pina promises an “epic war”. Netflix Actually, “Money Heist” could have been over long ago (the plot already offered the opportunity for this). But the hit crime thriller, originally produced for Spanish … Read more

Marvel Stars Say Goodbye: The First MCU Series Ends Today – Series News

While it’s often forgotten (even by Marvel itself), Agents Of SHIELD was the first TV series set in the MCU. Now this is coming to an end after the 7th season. In a thank you video, the makers and actors say goodbye. “Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD” got a lot of attention when it was launched … Read more

Amazon promotion ends today: Lots of cult at a bargain price – from “Indiana Jones” to “Twin Peaks” – Kino News

Only today, August 16, 2020, can you get numerous cult highlights from Amazon, some of them heavily discounted – from cinema classics such as “Indiana Jones”, “The Godfather” and “Werner” to legendary TV formats such as “Twin Peaks” and “Mr. beans”. Paramount Pictures For two weeks you had the chance to get almost 700 films … Read more

“Bon Voyage!”: In the German trailer for the comedy, a Frenchman ends up in South Korea – Kino News

Stéphane (Alain Chabat) meets a woman named Soo (Doona Bae) on Instagram. On impulse, he flies to South Korea to look for Soo. Enjoy the trailer premiere for “Bon Voyage! – A Frenchman in Korea”: Stéphane (Alain Chabat) is bored. He has enough to do as a chef, but his private life hasn’t been that … Read more

Surprise! “The Walking Dead” ends with an extra-long 11th season – but then gets a new spin-off – series news

It has long been known that “The Walking Dead” will have its eleventh season. But now it has been revealed that this will also be the last. But the zombie franchise is far from over… Jackson Lee Davis/AMC In July 2019, “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman shocked fans of his comic series when he … Read more

After “Mulan”, the new Pixar film “Soul” also ends up on Disney + – with one important difference – Kino News

The potential blockbuster “Mulan” did not come to the cinema due to Corona, but was released on the Disney Plus streaming service. Disney will do the same with the new Pixar film “Soul”. But there is a big difference… The Walt Disney Company France “Soul” is the next film that the stricken cinema industry will … Read more

Up to 1.7 billion dollars flushed down the toilet: the streaming revolution ends after just 6 months – series news

The streaming start-up “Quibi”, in which Hollywood studios, tech companies and other investors have invested more than 1.7 billion dollars, is closing again after six months. What went wrong? quibi When some guy invented the wheel, the other Stone Age people probably also thought what the nonsense was supposed to be… Such skepticism is more … Read more