Why doesn’t Will Smith have his usual German voice in “Independence Day”? – Cinema News

As is well known, Will Smith has a different dubbing voice in “Independence Day” than in most of his other films and series. But what is actually behind it? And why does the speaker change again even within the film? Twentieth Century Fox For many Will Smith fans, it is of course no news, almost … Read more

After “Supernatural” season 15 it doesn’t have to be over: Jensen Ackles gives hope for a revival! – Series news

Many series get a revival a few years after their actual end, either as a proper sequel, such as “Gilmore Girls”, or as a one-off action with the stars. There could also be new episodes of “Supernatural” in the future! The CW The end of the long-lived mystery series “Supernatural” is imminent: After 15 seasons, … Read more

“Greenland”: This scene doesn’t make sense in the German dubbing – Kino News

In a scene in the disaster action film “Greenland”, one or the other viewer might wonder what the point is. Because first of all, the moment doesn’t make sense. This is due to a missing Scottish accent in the German synchro. Tobi’s film In “Greenland,” John Garrity’s (Gerard Butler) family struggles to survive in the … Read more

Jackie Chan reveals: That’s why he doesn’t make Hollywood films anymore – Kino News

Jackie Chan revolutionized action cinema in the 1980s and also conquered Hollywood in the 1990s. But he has been rare there for some time. And there are reasons why he hardly ever stands in front of the camera for US productions anymore. Metropolitan Film Export Already a superstar in his home country, Hong Kong action … Read more

From “Uncharted” straight to the set of “Spider-Man 3”: Tom Holland doesn’t take a break – cinema news

A few days ago we got the first picture of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in the “Uncharted” film adaptation, so the Marvel star is going straight to the next shoot: the cameras for “Spider-Man 3” are already rolling. SonyPictures While the corona pandemic is still keeping the (film) world in suspense, Spider-Man actor Tom … Read more

“Wrath of the Titans” doesn’t get a sequel – but Netflix now offers a bloody replacement – series news

“Clash of the Titans 3” with “Avatar” star Sam Worthington is still on hold. But if you need fresh mythology supplies that are also much more brutal, thanks to “Blood Of Zeus” you will now find what you are looking for on Netflix. Warner Bros. / Netflix As today’s Friday blockbuster at 8:15 p.m., ProSieben … Read more

Don’t get “The Mandalorian”? That’s why it doesn’t matter! – Series news

With “The Mandalorian” a “Star Wars” series is running on Disney +, some of which is so incredibly nerdy that nobody except the hardcore fans really understands all the details. But that doesn’t matter at all – and that’s why the series is so strong! The Walt Disney Company +++ Opinion +++ The following synopsis … Read more

“Tenet”, “The Dark Knight” & Co.: That’s why Christopher Nolan doesn’t mind if you watch his films on your cell phone – cinema news

Amazingly, Christopher Nolan has no problem with watching his films (or any other feature film) not on the big screen, but on the display of a cell phone or tablet. But the master director has a good reason for it. Warner Bros. Christopher Nolan is considered a great lover and advocate of cinema. The fact … Read more

As of today, RTL is screwing the Netflix megahit “365 Days”: The sex nonsense doesn’t deserve it any other way! – Series news

‘365 Days’ was a huge hit for Netflix – although most viewers just hated the questionable ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ variation. With “Villa der Liebe” on TVNOW from RTL, sex nonsense is now getting its deserved beating… Netflix Outrageously handsome alpha male mobster Massimo (you can admire his washboard abs in the picture above) kidnaps … Read more

“Indiana Jones 5” maker confirms: Harrison Ford remains Indy – but that doesn’t mean that much – Kino News

“Indiana Jones 5” is still a long time coming. But when it does, it will probably be Harrison Ford’s farewell performance in the franchise. So are we getting a new Indy after that? Producer Frank Marshall has a clear answer to that. Paramount Pictures Despite many postponements, “Indiana Jones 5” is still firmly planned at … Read more