So now really: Disney is postponing “Black Widow” and numerous other (Marvel) films – cinema news

Disney is pulling the emergency brake and throwing around launch dates: Black Widow, Shang-Chi and Eternals have each been pushed back by several months, as have Death on the Nile, Deep Water and West Side Story ‘ by Steven Spielberg. Disney So now the moment has come that the cinema industry feared: “Tenet” should show … Read more

New on Disney+: You can stream these films starting today – even though they aren’t from Disney! – Cinema News

Disney is now taking the next step with its in-house streaming platform and is now also offering German productions from other distributors in Germany – such as “Ostwind” or “Wickie and the strong men”. Constantine / Disney At Disney, too, one has to realize that even all the popular in-house productions on the in-house streaming … Read more

Iconic Avengers Character Returns in New Marvel Series on Disney+ – Series News

He drummed up the Avengers – and is now set to return in a new, yet unknown Marvel series on Disney+: Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. The Walt Disney Company At the very end of “Iron Man” (2008) it was the mysterious Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) who first confronted Tony Stark and us … Read more

Leading Actress for ‘Ms. Marvel’ on Disney+ and in Cinemas: She’s the Newest Face in the ‘Avengers’ Universe

Marvel has its Ms. Marvel: Newcomer Iman Vellani plays the MCU superhero. Their adventures begin with a series on Disney+, but cinema appearances are also to follow, so they should be very present in the MCU in the coming years. Marvel/Disney She doesn’t have a single role in her vita yet, but now she has … Read more

Cinema charts: A Disney film more than 25 years old almost beats “Tenet” – cinema news

In the US, cinemas suffer severe setbacks, so that even an old Disney film almost makes it to the top. In Germany, on the other hand, a family film makes for decent numbers, while cinema is booming in China. Walt Disney “James Bond – no time to die” and Co. are being postponed because the … Read more

You can now watch “Mulan” without a Disney + subscription – cinema news

“Mulan”, which was supposed to hit theaters in the spring, has been running on Disney+ for a few weeks. However, subscribers to the streaming service will have to pay an additional fee for the film. From today everyone can buy it – even without a subscription! 2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved. / Jasin … Read more

Start date confirmed: Season 31 of “The Simpsons” is finally coming to Disney + – series news

Season 32 of “The Simpsons” is already running in the USA, while the 31st season is currently being broadcast on ProSieben in Germany. And that’s exactly what’s finally going to be streamed next month – on Disney+. Walt Disney As Disney just confirmed, there’s a replenishment coming soon from “everybody’s favorite family”: Season 31 of … Read more

New on Disney+: Now you can stream even more non-Disney movies! – Cinema News

Disney+ is expanding – and is now also including productions from other studios in its range. In Germany, that means lots of family-friendly entertainment from Constantin Film. Starting today, you can stream Five Friends 1-4. Constantine Film / Disney+ It didn’t take long for Disney to realize that it was not so easy to assert … Read more

“Hubie Halloween”: That’s why Adam Sandler reminds twice of the late Disney star Cameron Boyce – cinema news

At the end of “Hubie Halloween” a large plaque commemorates Cameron Boyce, who died in 2019. This is not only because of Boyce and Sandler’s shared past, but also because of the future they originally planned. Netflix “Hubie Halloween” is once again loud slapstick fireworks, as we know it from Adam Sandler. But during the … Read more

After “Mulan”, the new Pixar film “Soul” also ends up on Disney + – with one important difference – Kino News

The potential blockbuster “Mulan” did not come to the cinema due to Corona, but was released on the Disney Plus streaming service. Disney will do the same with the new Pixar film “Soul”. But there is a big difference… The Walt Disney Company France “Soul” is the next film that the stricken cinema industry will … Read more