Pandemic thriller by Michael Bay: A deadly virus rages in the trailer for “Songbird”

A pandemic, a deadly virus, a nationwide lockdown: what has become the new normal for many people in 2020 is taken to the extreme in “Songbird”. Here’s the trailer for the thriller starring Riverdale star KJ Apa: “Songbird” was shot during the global corona pandemic and not only that – the thriller from producer Michael … Read more

“Deadly Class” on Netflix: That’s why there will be no 2nd season – series news

Since its launch on November 1, 2020, “Deadly Class” has become one of Netflix’s biggest hits of the moment. However, if you were hoping for a second season after the nasty cliffhanger in the finale, you have to be prepared for disappointment… Syfy/Netflix Since November 1, 2020, the first season “Deadly Class” can be streamed … Read more

“The Doorman”: In the German action trailer, Ruby Rose prepares a deadly reception – Kino News

It’s a bit like Ruby Rose has a lot of excess energy after leaving Batwoman that she lets out in the trailer for The Doorman. The actioner will be released on DVD in November. Admittedly, in the trailer for “The Doorman – Deadly Reception” it is unfortunately not really easy to see who Ruby Rose … Read more

Recognized on Netflix? So “Deadly Class” alludes to an absolute cult classic – series news

In episode 5 of “Deadly Class” Marcus and Co. take a trip to Las Vegas – which turns into a wild acid trip. It’s no coincidence that it reminds you of a cult film starring Johnny Depp. SYFY/Netflix “Deadly Class” presents us with an absurd world in which the aimless orphan boy Marcus (Benjamin Wadsworth) … Read more

The next Netflix hit? Trailer for the thriller series “She knows about you” promises many twists and a deadly love triangle – series news

The Netflix series She Knows About You is based on the bestselling thriller of the same name, which was praised for its surprising ending. But even before that, the twists will just fly around the ears of the viewers, as the trailer makes clear: A single mother gets closer to a sympathetic man and soon … Read more

What does the last scene of “Deadly Illusions” mean? The end of the Netflix thriller explained – cinema news

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Star-studded Netflix flop gets trash copy: German trailer for the horror film “Seven Deadly Sins” – Kino News

Yes, a film doesn’t have to be particularly good or too successful to be resurrected as a trash reincarnation these days. The trailer for ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ starring Tara Reid is the latest proof that… The rip-offs from the trash forge Asylum (“Sharknado”) are really only for die-hard low-budget lovers, but they are usually based … Read more

New to Amazon Prime Video: An action hit with Liam Neeson, even more “LOL” and deadly tests of courage – cinema news

In Honest Thief, Liam Neeson does what he does best. In “Panic” young people meet for crazy tests of courage. These are the restarts on Amazon Prime Video this Friday. Metropolitan FilmExport / Amazon Prime Video Amazon Prime Video has once again expanded its range with a few titles: “Honest Thief” offers exactly what you … Read more

Deadly jealousy in the German trailer for “The Spirits Divorce” with “Downton Abbey” star Dan Stevens – Kino News

“Because the Ghosts Divorce” will soon start in German cinemas. Here comes the trailer for the film adaptation of one of the most successful stage plays in British theater history – including a lot of familiar faces: At the center of “Parting the Spirit” is Charles Condomine (Dan Stevens), a prolific crime novelist. However, the … Read more

New on Amazon Prime: Ben Affleck as a deadly accountant & one of the best musicals of the year – Kino News

Ben Affleck plays an autistic accountant who doubles as a perfect killing machine in action thriller The Accountant, now available on Amazon Prime Video. Also new: the musical “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”. Warner Bros. / Amazon Prime Video Ben Affleck, who used to be laughed at, was able to fully redeem himself as an actor … Read more