Cult comeback new on Amazon Prime Video: Sylvester Stallone in his prime role – cinema news

Sylvester Stallone starred in six films between 1976 and 2006 in the “Rocky” series. In 2016 and 2018 he gave the aged boxer again: “Creed – Rocky’s Legacy” and “Creed II” are now available as subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video. 2015 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Amazon “Rocky” fans watch out: … Read more

Streaming tip for Stallone fans: Amazon Prime Video throws cult action film series out of the program – cinema news

Watching the first three “Rambo” movies starring Sylvester Stallone has been easy for the past few weeks. However, after Netflix took the trilogy out of the program in July, Amazon is now following – where it is now only available until September 30th. studio canal “Rambo” is still a synonym for superlative action cult, which … Read more

“The Simpsons”: This cult character now has a new voice – series news

Homer’s co-star Carl Carlson will no longer be voiced by Hank Azaria in the upcoming US premiere of The Simpsons season 32. The new voice is Alex Désert. From now on, no white speaker should speak to a non-white character. The Walt Disney Company After the death of George Floyd in May 2020 by police … Read more

New on Netflix today: cult stoner comedy goes into the next round – cinema news

With “Lammbock” in 2001, Christian Zübert delivered one of the movies that somehow everyone had to have seen at the time and which is considered an important German contribution to stoner comedy. Starting today, the late sequel “Lommbock” is running on Netflix. Wild Bunch / Netflix If you order a “pizza gourmet” from the “Lammbock” … Read more

New on Netflix this week: sequel to cult comedy and true crime replenishment – Kino News

With “Lommbock” Netflix has the sequel to the stoner comedy classic “Lammbock” new in the program this week. There is also a true crime documentary about a not-so-perfect family and a lot more. Wild Bunch Germany The complete October overview of Netflix reboots has already been published. You can look forward to Adam Sandler, Horror … Read more

Amazon Prime Video throws over 50 (!) films out of the program: Sci-Fi action, masterpieces and lots of cult – cinema news

Before we can look forward to the November novelties in a few weeks, Amazon Prime Video is cleaning up again – and will soon be throwing out “Beyond Skyline”, “BlackKklansman” and many films with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Splendid Film GmbH Movies (and series) come and go on streaming platforms. And so Amazon Prime … Read more

“Hexen Hexen” is back: Trailer for the cult remake by “Back to the Future” director Robert Zemeckis – Kino News

Roald Dahl’s “Hexen Hexen” was filmed by Nicolas Roeg in 1990 in a way that was both creepy and humorous for the whole family. Now Robert Zemeckis has tackled the cult material. And the first trailers increase the anticipation of its modern adaptation. Witches are known to hate children, as the narrator (originally: Chris Rock) … Read more

“Hexen Hexen”: Cult remake will be in German cinemas in October – Kino News

While cinema releases are being postponed and canceled everywhere, Warner is now bringing “Hexen Hexen” by “Back to the Future” director Robert Zemeckis to German cinemas on October 29, 2020. Warner Bros. The trailer for the remake of “Hexen Hexen” was released just a few days ago – in the USA combined with the announcement … Read more

“The Prince from Zamunda 2” is not coming to the cinema: cult sequel in 2020 at Amazon – cinema news

Like some other films in the Corona year 2020, “The Prince from Zamunda 2” with Eddie Murphy will not be released in cinemas, but instead published directly on the Internet – in this case on Amazon Prime Video. Paramount HomeEntertainment It’s no longer a surprise, but now it’s (quasi) official: like the US industry magazine … Read more

New at Amazon Prime Video: A mega cool action thriller from 2017 – which is already cult – Kino News

Wild car chases, a great soundtrack and a sweet love story – Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver” has all that and more. From today, the 4.5-star highlight is included in the subscription to Amazon Prime Video. 2017 Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH After his cult series “Spaced”, Edgar Wright grabbed his two main actors Simon Pegg and … Read more