“Creed 3”: Michael B. Jordan is said to direct the “Rocky” sequel himself – Kino News

The “Rocky” series has already been continued with two “Creed” films, and now a third film is to come – and leading actor Michael B. Jordan could take his place in the director’s chair for the first time. MGM / Warner Bros. In a background article about the probably rejected offers to Hollywood studio MGM … Read more

After “The Witcher”: Netflix makes “Assassin’s Creed” series and plans an entire universe! – Series news

The “The Witcher” model is catching on: As with the Netflix series with Henry Cavill, “Assassin’s Creed” is now set to become an entire franchise made up of various projects on Netflix. It starts with a live series. 2015 Twentieth Century Fox/Netflix “The Witcher” was a real success on Netflix, so that the streaming service … Read more

News from “Spider-Man 3”, “Assassin’s Creed” as a Netflix series, streaming tip and more: the news of the week in video – cinema news

What happened this week in the film and series world? YouTube and canvas love moderator Sebastian Gerdshikow summarizes the most important news in the video – and also has a streaming tip ready for you: There was a lot going on again this week – but probably the hardest news for film fans came on … Read more

“Creed 3”: So it goes on – whether with Sylvester Stallone or without – cinema news

On Sunday evening “Creed II” runs as a free TV premiere on RTL. Meanwhile, work is already underway on “Creed III”, leading actor Michael B. Jordan will make his directorial debut with it. 2018 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Sylvester Stallone said goodbye to his legendary role as Rocky … Read more

“Creed” star as a tough one-man army: trailer for the Tom Clancy film adaptation “Merciless” – cinema news

Next to Jack Ryan, John Clark aka John Kelly is the most famous character penned by Tom Clancy. In “Gnadenlos” (originally: “Without Remorse”), “Creed” and “Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan slips into the role for Amazon Prime Video. With the series “Jack Ryan”, Amazon has already breathed new life into an iconic character from … Read more

Creed 3 finally has a release date! But will Sylvester Stallone return as Rocky? – Cinema News

After the first two films as Rocky heir Adonis Creed, Michael B. Jordan celebrates his directorial debut with “Creed III”. Now the theatrical release is finally fixed. But there is still a question mark over the possible return of Sylvester Stallone… Warner Bros. It has been known since the end of last year that “Creed … Read more

What You Need to Know About Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the New Game of the Favorite Series

A new game called Assassin’s Creed Mirage will be added to Ubisoft’s long-running Assassin’s Creed series soon. Instead of introducing players to a brand new character, Ubisoft will build a game based on “Basim”, a member of the Hidden Ones who appeared as a crucial NPC in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Instead of following the events … Read more

Without Sylvester Stallone as Rocky, but with a total of 3 (!) Marvel stars: villain found for “Creed 3” – cinema news

Creed III is coming, but in it Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) will have to do without his mentor Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). The next boxing adversary is already in the starting blocks – and will be played by Jonathan Majors. Warner Bros. Sylvester Stallone slipped into his role as Rocky Balboa twice after the … Read more

“Rocky” series continues to grow: spin-off “Creed” gets a spin-off – with a cult star and a German actor – Kino News

The soon to be three “Creed” films are spin-offs of the legendary “Rocky” series. Now another spin-off will develop from the events there with “Drago”. The title should make it quite clear who is the focus. Warner Bros. Some time ago, Dolph Lundgren teased in interviews that his own “Drago” film was being planned. Now … Read more

On the trail of “Vikings: Valhalla”? Assassin’s Creed Continues on Netflix Series News

“Assassin’s Creed” disappointed in the cinema, the already existing idea for “Assassin’s Creed 2” with Michael Fassbender was rejected. Instead, Netflix wants to try a new approach – with a live-action series from the “Vikings: Valhalla” maker! 20th Century Studios The plan was actually clear. “Assassin’s Creed” should only be the beginning and establish the … Read more