15 Programs Social Media Content Creators Must Know

You might think that creating content on social media is pretty easy. But creating regular content is much more than meets the eye… From choosing the perfect music to creating flawless videos, there are so many details that creators need to pay attention to. But don’t worry! We’ve put together some great programs to help … Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal and Oscar Isaac as Creators of ‘The Godfather’ Cast in Leading Roles in Movie About Masterpiece

When it comes to the greatest films of all time, Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather” is mentioned again and again. Now a film about the creation of the classic is to come – and the two main actors are certain. Paramount Pictures Oscar Isaac plays Francis Coppola and Jake Gyllenhaal embodies Robert Evans – and … Read more

New on Netflix: A new series from the creators of “Sex And The City”, vampire horror and an Oscar winner – Kino News

New in the program starting today: “Judy” with Oscar winner Renée Zellweger, a new series from the “Sex And The City” maker, “Stranger Things” with vampires and much more – starting today there are new things on Netflix. Netflix October on Netflix is ​​not only all about Halloween and brings us scary and horror, but … Read more

From the creators of “Halloween” & “The Purge”: German trailer for “Blumhouse’s The Witches Club” – Kino News

Blumhouse has built a reputation as a reliable horror hit maker over the past few years. Now producer Jason Blum has taken on a sequel to 1996’s The Witches Club. Here’s the trailer for Blumhouse’s Witches Club: In 1996’s “The Witches Club,” a teenage Sarah (Robin Tunney) arrives at a new school where she and … Read more

From the creators of “10 Cloverfield Lane”: Trailer for the survival thriller “Horizon Line” – Kino News

Two people must pilot a plane after the pilot suffers a heart attack. Well-known story, but maybe you’ll get a new spin on “Horizon Line”? After all, the screenplay came from the “10 Cloverfield Lane” writers… Sarah (Alison Williams from “Get Out”) and her ex-boyfriend Jackson (Alexander Dreymon from “The Last Kingdom”) are invited to … Read more

From the Creators of Avengers: Endgame: Trailer for Netflix’s Intense War Movie Mosul – Kino News

With the “Mosul” they produced, the “Avengers 3 & 4” directors Joe and Anthony Russo deliberately distance themselves from the Marvel blockbuster bombast. But even in the war drama there is hardly a breather, as the trailer suggests. After delivering their fourth MCU contribution and also the most successful film of all time with “Avengers … Read more

The creators of “The Boys” are resurrecting the cult series of your childhood on Disney + – Series News

The Disney+ streaming service is bringing back a hero from your childhood: “Darkwing Duck” is getting a reboot. He recently appeared in the series DuckTales, which was also relaunched. Disney+ “Two-One-Risk!” Anyone who already has the title song of the cult series in their ears just by hearing the name Darkwing Duck can be happy, … Read more

New on Netflix this week: Action from the creators of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and ’80s slashers in ‘American Horror Story’ – Kino News

In the coming week there will be plenty of supplies on Netflix. We have put together the most interesting titles for you – e.g. B. Some star-studded films with Adam Driver, Amy Adams, Ellen Page and Kurt Russell as Santa Claus, among others. FX / Netflix Like every Sunday, this week we have an overview … Read more

From the creators of “The Incredibles”: The trailer for Netflix’s “Lupin” promises another brilliant raid – series news

Louis Leterrier landed a real hit with the public with his enchanting Heist thriller “Now You See Me”. And his upcoming Netflix series “Lupin” also focuses on a legendary heist. Here’s the trailer: After making a name for himself in the early 2000s with brutal actioners like “The Transporter” with Jason Statham and “Unleashed” with … Read more

Cult investigator revival with a perfect cast: This will be the new series from the creators of “Damengambit” – series news

With The Queen’s Gambit, Scott Frank created the highest-grossing Netflix miniseries of all time. Now the writer-director is planning a new series about the iconic private investigator Sam Spade – starring Clive Owen. Netflix In the past, twice Oscar-nominated Scott Frank has had great success as a (co-)author of hit movies such as “Out Of … Read more