No longer indexed: crazy bloody action thriller with Jason Statham prematurely from the index – cinema news

When it was released in cinemas more than ten years ago, it even trumped its insane predecessor – also in terms of violence. In Germany, “Crank 2” was shortened by 2.5 minutes for home cinema. But now the indexing has been lifted. Lions Gate Films Inc. “Crank” was a wild ride and probably one of … Read more

Crazy action in “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”: These stunts are all real – cinema news

A look behind the scenes shows why the action in the fifth “Mission: Impossible” is so brutal: Tom Cruise not only did his stunts himself, but at the same time computer effects were avoided wherever possible. Paramount Pictures France Anyone tuning in to ProSieben this Friday at 8.15 p.m. will not only see one of … Read more

DVDs & Blu-rays before the end? That’s how crazy the fight for survival is! – Cinema News

Netflix and Co. are becoming the new home cinema norm, physical data carriers are becoming collectibles. And the distributors have to be more and more creative in order to sell the “dust collectors” in the future… Universal Pictures +++ Opinion +++ It’s probably only a matter of time before physical media die out. But it’s … Read more

Trailer for “Curveball”: Satire about a crazy and unbelievable piece of (German) history – Kino News

“A true story. Unfortunately.” – The trailer for Johannes Naber’s “Curveball – We Make the Truth” gives a foretaste of a particularly crazy piece of recent history. The film adaptation will hit theaters on November 26, 2020. Johannes Naber feels comfortable in the world of suits and conference rooms. The director already proved that with … Read more

Mel Gibson as Santa Claus with a gun: German trailer for the crazy action film “Fatman” – Kino News

You haven’t seen Santa Claus like this before: Mel Gibson drinks and shoots as Santa Claus in “Fatman” and duels Walton Goggins in the wacky first trailer. The world knows Chris Cringle (Mel Gibson) as Santa Claus. He is Santa Claus. But business isn’t going so well anymore. Not only does he drown his frustration … Read more

Now on Amazon Prime Video: You won’t see the twists coming in this crazy horror film – Kino News

“Come To Daddy” is currently available on Amazon Prime Video. Elijah Wood plays a son who goes to visit his estranged father – but that’s all there is to know about this twisted, gritty horror thriller. Splendid movie In many cases, the author of these lines does not believe that knowing certain turns beforehand spoils … Read more

Now on Netflix (instead of in the cinema): The new SpongeBob movie is just right in these crazy times! – Cinema News

Actually, the third “screen” adventure should have been in the cinemas for a long time. Instead, SpongeBob SquarePants: A Sponge-tastic Rescue is available to watch on Netflix starting today. I watched it straight away and had a good time. Netflix / Paramount Pictures — Opinion — I still get sad when I see a movie … Read more

That’s never happened in the “Avengers” universe: The first MCU series “WandaVision” is so crazy – series news

After “Avengers: Endgame” it’s crazy: It was already indicated that “WandaVision” would become an atypical Marvel series. However, it has now been confirmed: The first episode was filmed in front of an audience and only with technology from the 1950s. Marvel Studios / Disney+ Almost exactly a year ago, in November 2019, a rumor reached … Read more

Sounds crazy, but it’s true: Spike Lee makes Viagra musical – cinema news

Pfizer is on everyone’s lips right now because one of several possible corona vaccines could come from there. But so far, the US pharmaceutical company was known mainly because of Viagra. And the creation of the erection pill is now being filmed – with music! Universal Pictures We are certain that if the vaccine developed … Read more

For fans of “The Walking Dead” & Co.: Netflix’s “Army Of The Dead” will be a crazy zombie festival with handmade effects – cinema news

More than 15 years after his “Dawn Of The Dead” remake, DC director Zack Snyder returns to the undead genre with “Army Of The Dead” – and now promises a zombie spectacle with lots of crazy ideas and handmade effects. Netflix “mayhem” – chaos; serious bodily harm; Mutilation of a person to render them defenseless. … Read more