An acting legend as a vengeful contract killer: trailer for the stylish crime thriller “The Killer’s Game” – Kino News

The Killer’s Game – 5 is the Perfect Number is the directorial debut of world-renowned comics artist Igort. He adapted his own graphic novel with atmospheric images, lots of gore and a terrific leading actor. Here’s the trailer: “The Killer’s Game – 5 is the Perfect Number” revolves around Peppino Lo Cicero (Toni Servillo), a … Read more

Contract killer action new to Amazon Prime: Even many of his fans don’t know this Schwarzenegger film – cinema news

It celebrated its US premiere in 2017, but it took a whopping three years before it also found its way to Germany – and now “Killing Gunther” is even available as a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to Hollywood after his career as Governor of California – with films as diverse as … Read more

New contract killer action from the “John Wick” maker: First short trailer for “Bullet Train” with Brad Pitt – cinema news

Director David Leitch (“John Wick”, “Deadpool 2”) invites you on a very special, murderous train ride in the first teaser for “Bullet Train” – on which Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Michael Shannon and Zazie Beetz await you, among others . Together with Chad Stahelski, he created “John Wick” in 2014, one of the most popular … Read more

Contract children have to give back part of their compensation immediately

The state compensates former indentured children with 25,000 francs, but at the same time reduces the supplementary benefits in individual cases. The originator of the reparations initiative, Guido Fluri, speaks of regrettable individual cases. 08/28/2019, 11:44 am08/28/2019, 12:39 p.m Tobias Baer / CH Media Image: KEYSTONE The solidarity contribution for former home or contract children … Read more

Contract children should also get their money after the deadline

Hard life: contract children in SwitzerlandImage: PHOTOPRESS ARCHIVE Former contract children and administrative dependents should also be able to apply for a solidarity contribution after the original deadline has expired. The Council of States approved a corresponding amendment to the law on Wednesday. He accepted the draft drawn up by his legal commission by a … Read more

Nidwalden is looking for former contract children as interview partners

Verdingkinder: A dark chapter in Swiss history Video: srf/Roberto Krone With a research project at the University of Bern, Nidwalden is having the compulsory welfare measures that were ordered in the canton before 1981 scientifically analyzed. He calls on those affected to express themselves as contemporary witnesses within the framework of the project. The state … Read more