Bloody trailer for “Terrifier 2”: The horror clown slaughters again! – Cinema News

His brutal slasher “Terrifier” was not only well received by fans of horror clowns like Pennywise, so Damien Leone is now following up with “Terrifier 2” – and the first trailer promises another orgy of violence. It’s been more than ten years since Horror-Clown Art made its film debut. After the character was well received … Read more

Bloody trailer for “Killroy Was Here”: Kevin Smith has fun with hungry alligators and drunk children

With “Red State”, “Yoga Hosers” and the wallross body mutilation “Tusk” Kevin Smith has already made some absurd excursions into the horror genre. Now the anthology comedy “Killroy Was Here” follows – and there is now the first trailer for it: Kevin Smith (“Jay & Silent Bob Reboot,” “Clerks”) hosts a popular panel at San … Read more

Extremely bloody horror trash with a clear message: trailer for “Don’t Fuck In The Woods 2” – Kino News

Sex is often fatal to the protagonists in horror films. The low-budget slasher “Don’t Fuck In The Woods 2” makes no secret of this with the overly clear warning in the title (which of course nobody heeds)… Preparations for the new season at Pine Hills Summer Camp are in full swing when a terrified young … Read more

“Scream” star back in the wrestling ring: bloody trailer for “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” – cinema news

David Arquette is arguably the most hated wrestling champion in history. In 2018 he got back in the ring to clear his name. The documentary “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” accompanies this comeback. Here’s the trailer: Actor David Arquette started appearing at a few wrestling events in 2000 as a harmless promo for the wrestling … Read more

More than just bloody and brutal: German trailer for the Indian vs Zombies horror “Blood Quantum” – Kino News

The whole world is being overrun by zombies – only the members of a Canadian Indian reservation seem to be immune to the virus: “Blood Quantum” is not only bloody and brutal, but also socially critical and visually ambitious: Here’s what Blood Quantum is about: In Canada’s Red River Reservation, morbid alcoholism and domestic violence … Read more

Netflix horror with a special twist: bloody first trailer for the series “Révolution” – series news

What if the French Revolution was caused by a virus? Well, then it wouldn’t have been any less gory than it actually was – as the first trailer for the Netflix fantasy series “La Révolution” also proves. There’s a revolution coming to Netflix in October – the French Revolution! But it is told “a little” … Read more

When the family celebration turns into a bloodbath: German trailer for “Happy Times – A Bloody Celebration” – Kino News

In the German trailer for “Happy Times”, a family celebration becomes a slaughterhouse because the quarrels get more and more out of control and finally someone is accidentally killed. In Happy Times, Yossi (Ido Mor) and Sigal (Liraz Chamami) have invited friends and family to their luxurious Hollywood home for a family celebration. But as … Read more

MCU horror far away from the Avengers: The new trailer for “Helstrom” is dark and bloody – series news

Although “Helstrom” is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has nothing to do with the colorful world of “Avengers” and Co. On the contrary: The new Hulu series is going to be damn dark. But see for yourself: Siblings Daimon (Tom Austen) and Ana Helstrom (Sydney Lemmon) carry a dark legacy in their hearts: … Read more

No longer indexed: crazy bloody action thriller with Jason Statham prematurely from the index – cinema news

When it was released in cinemas more than ten years ago, it even trumped its insane predecessor – also in terms of violence. In Germany, “Crank 2” was shortened by 2.5 minutes for home cinema. But now the indexing has been lifted. Lions Gate Films Inc. “Crank” was a wild ride and probably one of … Read more

Bloody horror fun? In cinemas soon! German trailer “The Mortuary – Every death has a story” – Kino News

Coming October 22, 2020, The Mortuary brings together legendary actor Clancy Brown, newcomer Caitlin Fisher and Netflix teen heartthrob Jacob Elordi. The German trailer will get you in the mood. The focus of “The Mortuary – Every Death Has a Story” is the rather eccentric mortician Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brown), who takes care of the … Read more