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For the 60th birthday of Jerome Robbins’ and Robert Wise’s “West Side Story”, the legendary musical classic returns to the cinemas as a new edition – directed by none other than Steven Spielberg. Here’s the brand new trailer:

While “Dune”, our long-awaited film of the year, finally hit the cinemas this week, one or two other highlights are still to come by the end of the year – in addition to “James Bond 007 – No Time to Die”, for example “West Side Story”. “, for which there is finally a long trailer that catapults us to New York in the 1950s.

There are two reasons why the film is right at the top of our list of film highlights for 2021, one of which would actually be enough to buy a cinema ticket:

West Side Story is one of the greatest musical classics ever. But not only the iconic stage play by Leonard Bernstein was a milestone in itself, but also the first film adaptation by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wises – whose questionable cast of white actors* in non-white roles we leave out at this point. At $44 million, the 1961 film was not just a box-office success ($44 million was worth much, much more then than it is today). On top of that, the film was also awarded a whopping ten (!) Oscars, making it one of the biggest winners in the history of the Academy Awards to this day.

New in cinemas: The biggest science fiction masterpiece of the year and the ninth (!) part of a brutal horror series

Steven Spielberg is directing. After a series of historical biopics, the forefather of the blockbuster returned to adventure cinema with “Ready Player One” – and should now once again appeal to the mass audience with the timeless “West Side Story”. However, “In The Heights” recently showed that musicals, even if they are thrilling and spectacularly staged, do not automatically become blockbusters. The film adaptation of the atmospheric declaration of love to the colorful life of New York by “Hamilton” mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda received excellent reviews, but failed at the box office. But well, it didn’t say that either Spielberg on it.

That’s what “West Side Story” is about

Based on the Tragedy par excellence, Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, “West Side Story” tells the story of an impossible love: In New York in the 1950s, the cityscape of the city that never sleeps is shaped primarily by its residents in the respective districts – whether locals or immigrants.

However, as the Jets, led by Tony (Ansel Elgort, “Baby Driver”) fight for dominance in their neighborhood, they repeatedly come up against the Sharks and their leader Bernardo (David Alvarez, “American Rust”). And when Tony falls in love with Bernardo’s sister Maria (Rachel Zegler, “Shazam! 2”) of all people, the atmosphere between the two arch-rivals and their gangs threatens to boil over for good. It doesn’t take long before the first victims are to be mourned on both sides, which confronts Tony and Maria with an all-important question that could change their lives forever: is their love really worth all of this?

The theatrical release of “West Side Story” is December 9, 2021. You can also watch the new trailer in English here:

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