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After it was surprisingly announced in November 2020 that another “Predator” film was being worked on, we now finally know who awaits us in front of the camera alongside “Legion” star Amber Midthunter in “Predator 5” aka “Skull”. .

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When it became known last year that a new “Predator” film was in the works, we at FILMSTARTS were probably among the few people who were immediately happy about the news. While 2018’s ‘Predator – Upgrade’ received mixed reviews (to put it mildly) and the film flopped at the box office, we were quite taken with the fourth film in the legendary sci-fi action series. However, since it has long since been revealed that “Predator 5” aka “Skulls” will not follow its predecessor anyway, there is now finally more information.

In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, cameraman Jeff Cutter (“10 Cloverfield Lane”) confirmed that the shooting of the film has already been completed are. This is reported, among other things, by the film magazine colliders. In addition, we now finally know who else awaits us in the film in addition to the main actress Amber Midthunder (“Legion”). Joining the party in previously unknown roles are newcomer Dakota Beavers and Dane DiLiegro, who has so far only been in front of the camera for TV series – and not just for any…

This is Dane DiLiegro

After years of being a professional basketball player, the American has been trying his hand at acting since 2019. And he didn’t bother with B-productions at all, but instead jumped straight into some prestigious TV formats – albeit only in the form of mini-roles. For example, he played a zombie in “The Walking Dead”, a monster in the Korean fantasy horror series “Sweet Home” and several characters in the “American Horror Story” offshoot “American Horror Stories”, which was recently released on Disney+ different episodes.

While there is no official information about DiLiegro’s role in the fifth “Predator 5” film, given his career so far, it is natural to assume that the tall ex-basketball player will probably play none other than the Predator. However, that is not confirmed.

That’s what Predator 5 is about

While the “Skulls” plot details are still sparse, we do know that Midthunder plays a warrior from the Comanche tribe – and the film takes place many, many years in the past, at the time of the first visit of the hostile alien race on earth.

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It was directed by Dan Trachtenberg, who recently directed episodes of hit series such as “Black Mirror” or “The Boys” and will now deliver his second film five years after his first and only cinema film “10 Cloverfield Lane”. It remains to be seen whether it will also be shown on the big screen. At least for the USA, a publication directly via streaming (on Hulu) is in the pipeline. In this country, “Skulls” could possibly end up on Disney+, where, by the way, all previous films in the series, including the two “Alien Vs. Predator” parts, are now available.

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