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At MediaMarkt, a big discount campaign ends today at 8 p.m., where you can get OLED televisions and soundbars at significantly reduced prices, among other things.

LG Corporation

At the electronics retailer MediaMarkt, a big discount campaign ends today, Tuesday, August 3, 2021: Under the banner voucher booklet MediaMarkt offers online and in brick-and-mortar stores Products heavily discounted in numerous categories for sale What should particularly appeal to film and series fans are the various televisions at bargain prices.

Among them are some OLED TVs. In contrast to regular 4K televisions, OLED devices rely on screens made of organic light-emitting diodes. Each pixel of these panels is self-illuminating and can also switch off completely if required. This results in perfect black, better contrasts and a livelier, richer color world than “classic” 4K televisions.

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LG Corporation


Highlight: Award-winning OLED television at a bargain price

For film and series fans, the highlight of the MediaMark campaign ending today is the LG CX9LA. This OLED television is a multiple test winner in its segment, is available in 48, 55, 65 and 77 inches (i.e. about 122 to about 195.58 centimeters screen diagonal) and was also chosen by us as one of the currently best TV sets for film fans .

» LG 65CX9LA with 65 inches at MediaMarkt for 1,777 euros*

The currently best OLED televisions from LG, Sony & Panasonic – fantastic pictures on top TVs from 1,329 euros!

The strengths of the LG television include its three-dimensional and deep image display in Ultra HD Extremely precise and true-to-life color representation on its display and the integrated 2.2 sound system, which ensures a crisp sound. Also good to know: The LG CX9LA has a 120 Hz response time and therefore a very short input lag. This is a real luxury, especially when gaming!

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Also interesting: Soundbars significantly reduced

Soundbars are also hidden among the product categories in the voucher booklet campaign between OLED televisions, notebooks, smartphones and large electrical appliances. So if you are not yet satisfied with the sound in your own home cinema, you can now improve this situation at a reduced price.

Among the soundbars offered as part of the price campaign is, for example, the Samsung HW-Q70T, the little sister of one of our absolute highlight devices in this product line. The soundbar enables sound in Dolby Atmos quality and can therefore draw you into films on an acoustic level.

» Samsung HW-Q70T at MediaMarkt for 319 euros*

If you want to know more about soundbars, you should read our purchase advice. There we present, among other things, the somewhat statelier Samsung HW-Q80T, explain the advantages and disadvantages of soundbars in general and go into top soundbars in different price categories. Soundbar newcomers in particular can find out everything they need to know before making a purchase.

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