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There are films that every film fan should see at least once in their lifetime, as they have become so essential to understanding and developing a genre that ignoring them is almost impossible. “The Thing From Another World” (or “The Thing” for short) from 1982 is such a film that set new standards in the horror genre and is copied and referenced again and again to this day.

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John Carpenter’s remake of the 1951 film of the same name is an electrifying sci-fi horror film that draws its tension not from complex character drawings but from its creative creature design and transforms the “whodunit” premise of good crime films into a “whoisit” converts. Who is human, who is alien? A question that, even 40 years after the theatrical release, still stirs up spirits and leads to heated debates among film nerds.

That’s what “The Thing From Another World” is about

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in a research station in Antarctica, RJ MacReady’s (Kurt Russell) research team of twelve is working in the eternal ice. The calm is suddenly disturbed when a helicopter with two Norwegians appears near the research station and they go hunting for a sled dog. After a bumpy landing, one of the unexpected visitors accidentally blows himself and his helicopter up while the other keeps shooting at the frightened sled dog. When a stray bullet hits a member of the American research force, the commanding officer Garry (Donald Moffat) is fed up and he returns fire, killing the Norwegian – his warning cries echoing in the wind…

What terrible thing could the animal have done that two people would organize such a mad hunt to kill it? The research team decides to take the dog to the station. But the men soon realize that something doesn’t seem right. In the kennel, the husky mutates into a grotesque creature and attacks its fellows as if in a frenzy of blood – the horrible “thing” can only be killed with a flamethrower. Although the researchers are shocked, they are happy that they were able to master the danger – they have no idea that the horror is just beginning for them…

A flop in the cinema, later chosen to become a horror cult

“The thing” once flopped mercilessly in the cinema. Maybe it was the theatrical release date, as the film opened just 2 weeks after Steven Spielberg’s emotional sci-fi fairy tale “ET – The Extra-Terrestrial” and this seemed to capture the zeitgeist of the time better than John Carpenter’s impressively disgusting sci-fi horror grenade, in which Kurt Russell, as a robust helicopter pilot with a flamethrower, has to assert himself against body snatcher aliens.

Legendary makeup artist and special effects artist Rob Bottin’s splatter elements were probably just too violent for the paying audience, because Carpenter doesn’t treat his viewers squeamishly in his sci-fi horror. Bodies bend in grotesque movements and nightmarish horror figures break out of tormented bodies, which in their abnormal form seem to evade clear classification.

Love down to the smallest detail

In one of the most absurd and awesome scenes of the entire film, the doctor Dr. Copper (Richard Dysart) tries to revive a team member with a defibrillator through his chest – where suddenly there is a huge mouth with razor-sharp teeth, which immediately rips off the doctor’s hands. This scene is so disturbingly wacky that it has been burned into the collective film memory of all horror film fans to this day.

And for all the gore factor, for all the layers of slime and gore trying to drown the image, there’s such incredible creative energy and attention to detail in the character design of the body horror milestone The Thing that you’ll want to revisit almost longingly for the next insane scene after every shock, evoking memories of the madness of HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. To this day, the grotesque terrifying pictures by director veteran John Carpenter have lost none of their wonderful, hand-made, plastic horror and stand every comparison with modern CGI monsters.

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