“No Looking Back”: In the German trailer for the action comedy, a family conflict gets bloody out of control – Kino News

Olga just got out of jail and wants her daughter back. The spirited grandmother of the little ones, however, knows better – and is even willing to have Olga killed. Here’s the exclusive German trailer for No Looking Back:

Director Kirill Sokolov likes to resolve family conflicts in the form of tough, physical fights. In Why Don’t You Just Die!, the apartment of a cop and lousy father heats up as the family reunites, and in Sokolov’s new film, No Looking Back, the conflict between mother unfolds and daughter, in which a contract killer is quickly involved.

If you got the urge to watch the action-packed, darkly humorous film when you saw the trailer, you don’t have to wait that long to see it. On May 13, 2022, “No Looking Back – Without Considering Losses” will be released as a media book and digitally for home cinema and can already be pre-ordered from providers such as Amazon.

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There’s a way to preview No Looking Back, even on the big screen. The action comedy is part of the program of the Fantasy Filmfest Nights genre festival. From March 31, 17 films will be shown in several German cities, “No Looking Back” is one of them and fans of Kirill Sokolov are already looking forward to it, since the evil satire of violence “Why Don’t You Just Die!” was a Crowd favorite at the festival.

Pre-sale has begun: At Fantasy Filmfest you can see some of the most anticipated horror films before everyone else!

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