News from “Spider-Man 3”, “Assassin’s Creed” as a Netflix series, streaming tip and more: the news of the week in video – cinema news

What happened this week in the film and series world? YouTube and canvas love moderator Sebastian Gerdshikow summarizes the most important news in the video – and also has a streaming tip ready for you:

There was a lot going on again this week – but probably the hardest news for film fans came on Wednesday, when the cinemas were announced to be closed again. On November 2nd (not only the) German movie theaters are supposed to close their doors again.

Sebastian preferred to focus on good news in his news video this week. Fans of the hit game “Assassin’s Creed”, for example, can look forward to not just one, but probably several series adaptations on Netflix.

And even if it’s very difficult for the cinemas right now: Films are still being shot, so screen supplies are taken care of in better times. Tom Holland is particularly busy there and immediately started working on the Marvel adaptation “Spider-Man 3” after filming the action-adventure “Uncharted”.

Comic action awaits us in the MCU series Moon Knight as well. Now we also know who should play the leading role: “Star Wars” star Oscar Isaac is in final negotiations.

Here are our articles on all film and series news that Sebastian presents in the video:

Finally, Sebastian also has a hot streaming tip ready for you: Just take a look at the animated film “SpongeBob SquarePants: A Sponge-tastic Rescue” on Netflix from November 5, 2020!

Podcast screen love: “Witches witches”

The cinemas are still open this weekend. So before we all indulge in streaming and home cinema together again in November, one last visit to the cinema is possible this weekend.

For example, the horror classic “Zombie – Dawn Of The Dead” is showing for the first time in the uncut version, the German Oscar entry “And tomorrow the whole world” and the remake of “Hexen Hexen” with Anne Hathaway.

In our podcast on the screen this week, we tackled “Hexen Hexen” and talked about whether the fantasy comedy can hold a candle to the original:

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