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If you want to get shivers down your spine, you can now watch the start of the true crime series “The Act” with a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. Also new: Hard and questionable FSK-18 war action in “Balkan Line”.

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With the first episode of the anthology series “The Act”, Amazon Prime Video now has a high-quality true crime format in its portfolio (all other episodes are available by subscription to the STARZPLAY Channel on Amazon). The series, which takes on new true crime cases from season to season, has won both a Grammy and an Emmy.

That’s what “The Act” is about

The background of the story is the murder of the American Clauddinnea “Dee Dee” Blanchard. A true-to-life picture-perfect mother (played by Patricia Arquette on the show), she takes care of her ailing daughter, Gipsy Rose (Joey King), who has needed a wheelchair and ongoing care since birth.

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Together, mother and daughter not only survived homelessness, but also survived Hurricane Katrina. It is therefore not surprising that Dee Dee is appreciated by everyone around her. But something doesn’t seem right between her and Gipsy anymore. A terrible secret will soon take Dee Dee’s life…

If you want to see brutal war action, you can now watch the Russian-Serbian FSK-18 tearjerker “Balkan Line” by Andrey Volgin on Amazon Prime Video. The FSK 18 cracker only appeared in Germany in March and is now already available on the streaming service. However, the film is accused of doing propaganda in the interest of Russia and Serbia.

That’s what “Balkan Line” is about

1999: NATO bombs Belgrade to force the Yugoslav army to withdraw from Kosovo. This should finally end the Kosovo war between Yugoslavia and the Kosovan freedom fighters and prevent further human rights violations.

» “Balcony Line” in subscription to Amazon Prime Video*

Now, however, Albanian terrorists who are targeting the Serb minority in Kosovo are getting involved in the conflict. The Russian soldiers Andrey Satalov (Anton Pampushnyy) and Bek (Yuriy Kutsenko) and their team now have to take action against the terrorists and see themselves confronted with an enemy superiority…

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