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Ben Affleck plays an autistic accountant who doubles as a perfect killing machine in action thriller The Accountant, now available on Amazon Prime Video. Also new: the musical “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”.

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Ben Affleck, who used to be laughed at, was able to fully redeem himself as an actor with his appearance in “Argo” at the latest, after he had previously been recognized as an extremely capable director. In fact, you get the sense that the two-time Academy Award winner has only gotten better and more nuanced over the past few years — whether in front of the camera or behind it. Gavin O’Connor’s darkly humorous action thriller The Accountant, now available on Amazon Prime Video subscription, is a prime example.

›› “The Accountant” on Amazon Prime Video*

That’s what “The Accountant” is about

Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) was born with an extraordinary talent for mathematics. As a highly gifted person with outstanding skills, however, he finds it extremely difficult to make and maintain social contacts. Disguised as a small-town accountant, he secretly does the bookkeeping for some of the most dangerous underworld organizations in the United States.

At some point, however, the tax investigator Ray King (JK Simmons) catches up on him and Christian’s cover is blown. That’s why he accepts a new job, where he should help the accountant of a robotics company, Dana (Anna Kendrick), to clarify billing discrepancies worth millions. But even as he penetrates the confusing web of numbers, more and more people are dying around him…

“The Accountant” lives on a famous Ben Affleck

Of course, with “The Accountant” we end up back with the autism cliché box that “Rain Man” once used. However, Gavin O’Connor’s action thriller works because he can rely on his leading actor. In the official FILMSTARTS review, in which the film received 3.5 out of 5 stars, our author Carsten Baumgardt writes: “Ben Affleck is an ideal cast for the role of the tight-lipped (anti-)hero with that certain something.”

That’s because Ben Affleck has completely mastered his character’s great polarity: “Even this dismissive accountant-killer seems likeable and even if he smoothly switches from the conservative to the ‘John Wick’ mode, one takes the not really coherent figure from him, strictly speaking.Well-choreographed combat routines, atmospheric images and a very pleasant degree of black humor do the rest.

A true story – and one of the best musicals of the year

If you don’t feel like watching Ben Affleck in fight mode, you can always switch to “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie”, which is now also available in the Amazon Prime Video program. The queer glamor musical convinces with great songs, a famous cast and real cinema magic – even if the film itself ended up directly on the streaming service. In any case, our official FILMSTARTS review gave it an impressive 4 out of 5 stars.

›› “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” on Amazon Prime Video*

16-year-old Jamie (Max Harwood) has never really felt like he belonged anywhere. At home in Sheffield, he leads a rather reclusive life, while his father Wayne (Ralph Ineson) would have preferred to have had a ‘real’ son. At school, Jamie is bullied every day because he is different from most boys his age. But then he meets Hugo Battersby (Richard E. Grant).

Hugo, also known as Loco Chanelle, runs a shop for drag queens. He helps Jamie stand up for himself and his dreams and with the support of his caring mother Margaret (Sarah Lancashire) and his girlfriend Pritti Pasha (Lauren Patel), he puts his fears of the future aside completely: Jamie leaps over his shadow, acts as a drag queen onto the stage and create a whole new version of himself.

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