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007 Gets Evil: After his breakthrough role as James Bond, Sean Connery sought an opportunity to steer against the role he had such a love-hate relationship with. The thriller “Die Strohpuppe” offered him this chance.


James Bond and Sean Connery, a complicated story: The popular agent character and the Scottish actor have helped each other to world fame. And yet there was great friction between the role and the star: the press hype that accompanied the 007 films annoyed Connery and, together with his dissatisfaction with the shooting conditions and his fee, ultimately led to his repeated departures from the Bond cosmos.

Furthermore Connery didn’t want to be tied down to the hero type – one of his greatest desires was to play an amoral creep. He fulfilled exactly this wish in the middle of his first Bond phase with the crime thriller “Die Strohpuppe”, which only celebrated its home cinema debut in Germany in 2019. The title proved to be a success for the small label Pidax, which is why it is now releasing a second edition: The Blu-ray remake of “Die Strohpuppe” is available now.

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This is good news for anyone curious who hasn’t gotten the Sean Connery secret tip yet. Because even if the first edition is not completely sold out, it was no longer to be found everywhere. Some retailers like Amazon also offer the new edition at a lower price than the remaining copies of the first edition!

“The Straw Doll”: Nastier than 007, but fashionable like Bond!

The wealthy tyrant Charles Richmond (Ralph Richardson) is a thorn in the side of all who must endure him. Leading the way are his nephew Anthony (Sean Connery) and nurse Maria (Gina Lollobrigida), who takes care of the wheelchair-bound gurnard. When Anthony realizes his uncle’s attraction to Maria, he devises a plan how they can use it to get Charles underground and get all his money…

Although “Die Strohpuppe” was Connery’s escape to darker realms in terms of content, the thriller has various connections to 007. The one that catches the eye the most: In The Straw Doll, Connery wears six outfits that he re-doned a few months later on the set of the popular 007 film Goldfinger – including the ivory tuxedo that would become an iconic Bond look. Even if the styling was changed in “Goldfinger” and some other accessories were chosen: A lot of the credit for the Goldfinger costumes actually goes to The Straw Doll costume designer Beatrice Dawson!

But the connections between this little-noticed thriller and the successful 007 franchise are not only fashionable: “The Straw Doll” was filmed in the Pinewood Studios, which Connery was already very familiar with – after all, they were and still are the home of the Bond series. Set designer Ken Adam also handled production designthe man responsible for the memorable set construction of the early Bond films.

In short, Connery may have slipped into a meaner role with The Straw Doll and fled the arms of legendary screen diva Gina Lollobrigida, but he’s stayed in 007 territory. That alone should make “The Straw Doll” an interesting curiosity for Bond fans.

This scandal film, which has been indexed for a long time, combines eroticism with horror – and a screen icon showed itself from an unusual side in it!

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