“Money Heist”: This is what the trailer tells us about the 5th season of the Netflix hit series news

A good month before the start of the new episodes, Netflix finally released the first long trailer for the first half of the fifth season “Money Heist” on Monday. And FILMSTARTS video editor Sebastian took a very close look:

In 2017, it was still created as a mini-series and ran on the Spanish channel Antena 3, but the streaming giant Netflix finally grabbed the international “Money Heist” rights – and not only included the thriller hit in the program, but also continued it . And how.

Four years and just as many seasons later, Álex Pina’s Heist series is one of the most popular and successful non-English language formats ever. Accordingly, many Netflix subscribers who have been left dry since the premiere of the fourth season in April 2020 should be looking forward to the grand finale of the bank robber thriller internationally known as “Money Heist”. And now it’s almost time, in exactly one month we’ll finally continue!

The first five-episode half of the fifth season of Money Heist begins September 3, 2021 exclusively on Netflix. Section 2 and thus the very last episodes will follow three months later, on December 3, 2021.

After a teaser and a handful of images got us in the mood for the upcoming events, the long trailer finally gives a better insight into what is to come. But what’s really going on with the professor and his gang of thieves? FILMSTARTS video editor Sebastian took a very close look at the trailer and collected the most important information and details for you in the video above.

“House of Money”: The war is coming!

As series creator Álex Pina himself revealed, a war should finally break out in the final season – and that’s exactly what the action-packed trailer confirms. But how will the war end? Do Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), Denver (Jaime Lorrente) and Co. actually get away with it? And if so, how? And what happens to the genius professor (Álvaro Morte) who is being held captive by the sadistic Alicia (Najwa Nimri)?

Yes, it will be interesting to see how Pina and his writing team will answer the many unanswered questions and bring together the storylines that have been opened up in previous seasons. And while the author of this article hopes that this will be better than in the sometimes badly constructed seasons 3 and 4 …

“Money Heist”: From gripping heist thriller to telenovela nonsense

… Heist fans can look forward to fresh supplies in the same breath. Because when one “Money Heist” series comes to an end next December, the next one is already in the starting blocks.

Coming soon to Netflix: The “Money Heist” remake

The South Korean Money Heist remake will be set on the Korean Peninsula, where a wily strategist, the Professor, and his city-named crew are also dealing with a thorny hostage situation.

So while we are expecting a new setting including some content adjustments, we at least get to see the characters we know – just embodied by a Korean cast. As Tokyo there is Jeon Jong-seo, who thriller fans should know from Lee Chang-Dong’s masterpiece “Burning” (for many members of the FILMSTARTS editorial team one of the best films of 2019).

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