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“Insidious 3” and “Insidious 4” were prequels to the first two films in the horror series. Now “Insidious 5” has been announced – as a sequel to the second part. Patrick Wilson returns and also makes his directorial debut.


In the third film in the “Insidious” series, the clock was turned back: probably because the makers themselves realized that they had let a popular character in the series die too early, the film became the prequel to “Insidious 1” and “Insidious 2”. . The fourth film, The Last Key, was also a prequel.

Now, however, “Insidious 5” has been announced as the first real sequel since the second film (2013).

Patrick Wilson returns to direct

In “Insidious 5” Patrick Wilson again plays the family man Josh Lambert, who already had great trouble with the paranormal parallel world that threatened to swallow his family. He’s also directing for the first time in his career.

The screenplay comes from Scott Teems, who also co-wrote the highly anticipated “Halloween Kills”, which was unfortunately postponed to October 2021. The story comes from Leigh Whannell (“The Invisible Man”), who co-launched the franchise with James Wan.

Ty Simpkins is also back

In “Insidious 5” son Dalton Lampert goes to college and is again played by the now 19-year-old Ty Simpkins. Like Patrick Wilson, he’s been with us since the first film (2010) and has since appeared in Jurassic World, Iron Man 3, and Avengers 4 (he’s the tech-savvy kid named Harley Keener who plays Tony Stark in the third film helped).

Whether Rose Byrne will return as mother Lambert is yet to be seen. Nothing has been announced about a release date either. Since the project is dry and dry, it could be ready by the end of 2021. Horror films like “Insidious” also have the advantage that comparatively few sets are required, which makes it easier to protect employees from corona infections (less travel is required, so the crew can stay together longer on the individual sets).

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