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Tom Cruise is currently rocking the cinema with “Top Gun: Maverick”, but there is now also a real highlight in the home cinema with the superstar: After years of waiting, the spectacular sci-fi action fun “Edge Of Tomorrow” is finally appearing in 4K!

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It took a long time, but now it’s happened: Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has his first billion-dollar hit in the cinema with “Top Gun: Maverick”. Looking at another highlight from Cruise’s work, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Then With “Edge Of Tomorrow‘ a popcorn extravaganza now gets its long-awaited upgrade – and hopefully in the wake of the current cruise cinema hit well-deserved, increased attention. The science fiction actioner starring Cruise and Emily Blunt not only has great effects and a powerful sound to offer…

… but is also one of the most entertaining and imaginative alien invasion blockbusters ever. But despite enthusiastic audiences and positive reviews, including a strong four-star review on FILMSTARTS, the film fell far short of its potential at the box office. In the home cinema there was even a (never quite consistent) change of name to “Live.Die.Repeat.”, but one thing hasn’t happened so far – a haptic release in Ultra-HD. But that is changing now: “Edge Of Tomorrow” will finally be released as a 4K Blu-ray on July 21, 2022!

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In addition to the regular 4K edition, there will also be a limited Steelbook edition. In addition to the 4K Blu-ray, both versions also contain the film on regular Blu-ray. However, the 4K Steelbook is in high demand and is sometimes out of stock on Amazon and others.

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“Edge Of Tomorrow”: And the alien war salutes every day

For everyone who doesn’t know “Edge Of Tomorrow” yet or needs a little refresher: In the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” maker Doug Liman’s sci-fi smash hit lands Tom Cruise at the forefront of an alien invasion. Completely overwhelmed by the military’s high-tech equipment, he dies after a few minutes – but ends up in a time warp. Gradually, the incompetent bully turns into a highly efficient alien killer – and yet the aliens seem to learn just as quickly as he does. So he teams up with the hardened warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) to finally rid the earth of the invaders…

That’s why there are 2 (!) cheap alternatives with 80s cult stars to “Top Gun: Maverick”.

Quite a few film fans called “Edge of Tomorrow” one of the best video game adaptations of all time, even though it is not based on a game. Because of the “And groundhog day, only in the alien war” gimmick, real video game vibes come up in the scenes at the front: Cruise is thrown into an extra-hard shooter level and has to find his way through sophistication, growing experience forward with his gadgets and constant trial & error.

Thanks to the witty screenplay, it never gets boring – and the robust and fun dynamic between Cruise and Blunt gives the film an additional entertainment factor. It’s just a pity that the sequel Liman promised years ago is ill-fated. Since Part 1 manages without a blatant cliffhanger, luckily “Edge Of Tomorrow” can also be watched as a single film without any problems – over and over again.

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