In 3 days there will be a medieval action in “John Wick” style on Disney +: trailer for “The Princess” – cinema news

This princess doesn’t believe in diplomatic methods: In the trailer for “The Princess” “Kissing Booth” star Joey King cuts his way out of her tower dungeon as an action heroine! The actioner launches on Disney Plus in a few days.

“The Princess” is a feast for action fans, because in the medieval battle plate there are hand-made fight scenes with lots of rum and stars who still do their stunts themselves! This has already provided for groovy action interludes with “John Wick”, which have resonated with genre lovers for a long time. “The Princess” can then be accessed on Disney+ from July 22, 2022 – and without any additional costs for the subscription!

Hard-hitting action for fans of ‘John Wick’ and ‘The Raid’

If you get a slight “The Raid” vibe when you look at the trailer, then you should be right, after all, the project was initially described as “Rapunzel meets The Raid”. “Kissing Booth” star Joey King is pushing for an image change and beating his way from floor to floor as an ice-cold action heroine.

The eponymous princess delivers non-stop action and doesn’t go about it squeamishly, as our author Julius Vietzen notes in his 3.5-star review: “The princess kills her opponents with a hairpin, sledgehammer or bolt action crossbow, she sets them on fire, kicks them out of the window or knocks them down with the beads of her necklace. Sometimes she takes on a whole bunch of henchmen and sometimes just one particularly tough chunk (early highlight: a muscle-bound giant with a horned helmet charging at her like a minotaur).”

That’s what “The Princess” is about

It was supposed to be a lavish celebration, but a marriage against her will? The princess (Joey King) doesn’t put up with that and leaves the nefarious Lord Julius (Dominic Cooper) in front of the altar. Unfortunately, the sinister lord of the castle is not to be trifled with and so he quickly attacks her father’s castle and also captures the entire court. The unruly princess, however, is locked in the highest tower and must watch from there as the king (Ed Stoppard), the queen (Alex Reid) and her younger sister Violet (Katelyn Rose Downey) are taken away.

The princess is forced to act. So she overwhelms the guards and begins to fight her way down floor by floor to hunt down Julius and his no less nasty henchman Moira (Olga Kurylenko) and save her family from certain death.

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