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If you still can’t get enough of the legendary crime classics penned by Edgar Wallace, you can now look forward to the ultimate Blu-ray box. The set with over 30 discs appears exclusively on Amazon – including an HD premiere.


In recent years, numerous Edgar Wallace classics have found their way onto Blu-ray – each in sets of 3 from Edition 1 with the classic “Der Hexer” (template of the cult parody “Der Wixxer”) to just last March Published Edition 10, which includes, among other things, “The Face in the Dark” with Klaus Kinski newly restored. Now finally follows an all-encompassing complete box – in which there is also a bonus film on top.

The “Edgar Wallace Complete Edition” will be released on November 5, 2021 exclusively at (for the first time on Blu-ray)where you can now secure the XXL package in the strictly limited collector’s edition:

›› “Edgar Wallace Complete Edition” at Amazon*

While many fans of the crime thriller cult probably already have the three-packs on their shelves, the complete set is now the perfect solution, especially for those Wallace enthusiasts who have only watched the films over and over again on TV or at most have a few at home (a Upgrading from DVD to Blu-ray is always worthwhile here). With a publication a few weeks before Christmas, the “Edgar Wallace Complete Edition” is of course also the perfect Christmas present for all friends of the legendary film series.

Also included: All Rialto films & more

All Edgar Wallace adaptations made between 1959 and 1972 by the Berlin production company Rialto Film are on board, starting with Harald Reinl’s groundbreaking The Frog with the Mask. The first German-speaking Edgar Wallace film of the post-war period attracted a whopping 3.2 million people to the cinemas at the end of the 1950s and thus not only laid the foundation for the film series, which was successful until the 1970s, but also shaped the crime film genre Furthermore.

The Hitchcock-style whodunit thrillers usually revolve around the atrocities of masked criminals, with a focus on investigative work – and in a way paved the way for the Italian subgenre of the giallo, which was later created by Mario Bava or Dario Argento. Over the years, numerous German and international acting stars have stood in front of the camera for the films – from Klaus Kinski to Uschi Glas and Klausjürgen Wussow to “Goldfinger” villain Gert Fröbe as well as Dracula mime and “Lord of the Rings” villain Christopher Lee.

In addition to a 36-page booklet and all sorts of extras such as interviews and audio comments The “Edgar Wallace Complete Edition” also includes “The Curse of the Yellow Snake”, a bonus film for the first time on Blu-ray. The film about a snake set in gold, which helps its owner to great power, will only be available in this box on Blu-ray – at least for the time being. But even if there is no talk of a single release to date, we can certainly imagine that it will follow at some point.

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