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This could be a feast for fans of rough old school action: In the first trailer for Joe Carnahan’s “Copshop” you can expect Gerard Butler (“Olympus Has Fallen”), Marvel star Frank Grillo and of course lots of lead and cool sayings.

Joe Carnahan, Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo: These are three names in one go that should make action fans prick up their ears right away – especially in combination! While director Carnahan is known for action comedies such as “Smokin’ Aces” or “The A-Team”, Marvel star Grillo was recently in front of the camera for his mega-brutal time travel hit “Boss Level”. Now the next collaboration between the two follows with “Copshop”.

The butler, who became known at the latest as Leonidas in Zack Snyder’s comic adaptation “300”, and who was also seen in many a RomCom in the 2000s, has meanwhile also established himself as an action hero and above all with his “Olympus Has Fallen” saga Public favorite established – and as such could ultimately help “Copshop” to succeed.

The first trailer already shows that the action thriller should come along with cool guys and snappy sayings, typical of Carnahan. However, “Copshop” does not yet have a German start date. It is also questionable whether the film will actually be in the cinemas at all or whether, like Carnahan’s “Boss Level” (now even Included with Amazon Prime Video subscription*), appears directly for home cinema.

What awaits you in “Copshop”

On the run from professional killer Bob Viddick (Gerard Butler), the cunning criminal genius Teddy Murretto (Frank Grillo) has no choice but to make a daring decision: he wants to be put behind bars on purpose, because only there he seems safe from the assassin. So he hits the young policewoman Valerie (Alexis Louder), who then arrests him – and thus offers him the necessary protection.

But Viddick doesn’t let himself be dissuaded from his plan to kill Murretto that easily. In order to fulfill his mission, he also makes sure that he ends up behind bars – in the cell directly opposite. But when another contract killer (Toby Huss, “Halloween”) shows up and gets involved in the affair, the chaos is perfect…

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Incidentally, the screenplay for the boozy killer showdown was written by Mark Williams, who previously worked as a writer on the Netflix thriller series “Ozark” and also wrote the script for the Liam Neeson hit “Honest Thief”.

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