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“Get Out” was an Academy Award-winning, box-office success, and has been hailed by fans and critics alike for having so much bite. But the horror highlight was originally supposed to end with a really nasty punch in the stomach.

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“Get Out” celebrates its free TV premiere today at 10:55 p.m. on ZDF. With the late-evening slot during the week, the broadcast is only for night owls – but at least they get to see the film uncut.

And switching on is worthwhile in any case. Because it’s not just for us that the satire is one of the horror highlights of recent years: it was awarded the Oscar for best screenplay and was very successful in cinemas (grossing over 255 million dollars worldwide).

“Extremely clever, very funny and quite disturbing” says our 4.5-star review. The story about Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), who is finally supposed to meet the parents of his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) and gets into a lot of trouble, is almost completely exciting to us. Would the originally planned ending have made the film perfect? We tell you how the story should have ended.

The FILMSTARTS review of “Get Out”

Warning, there will be spoilers from here! So if you don’t want to know how “Get Out” ends and how it should have ended, stop reading here – and come back when you’ve seen the movie.

The end in the movie

For all those who don’t have the exact outcome of the film in mind: At the end of “Get Out” Chris actually succeeds (as the film title already promises) to get out.

On the run he kills, among other things, the housemaid Georgina (Betty Gabriel), in whose body the consciousness of Rose’s grandmother was transplanted. And when Chris is finally attacked by Georgina’s grandfather in the body of the gardener Walter (Marcus Henderson), he manages to bring him back from the sunken area using a flash from his smartphone camera.

So Walter regains consciousness. He pretends to kill Chris and asks Rose for the gun – before shooting her and eventually killing himself. Chris is about to deliver the fatal blow to a badly injured Rose before he shows mercy, his pal Rod (Lil Rel Howery) shows up and the two make off together.

So the story ends well for Chris.

The originally planned ending

In the first draft of the screenplay by writer-director Jordan Peele, however, the story of “Get Out” ended very differently. There shouldn’t be a happy ending.

Peele’s plan was to end up putting Chris behind bars for the murders of Rose and her family. With such a cynical ending, “Get Out” would undoubtedly be closer to reality – but maybe a little too close.

In the end, considering the fact that Black Americans are systematically discriminated against and that police killings happen again and again, Peele decided on a finale that leaves the audience with at least a slightly more positive feeling. At the latest after the credits you are back in the harsh reality anyway, which you then perhaps at least face a little stronger.

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