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With “Antiporno” director-enfant-terrible Sion Sono delivers an idiosyncratic homage to the Japanese porn cinema of the seventies (Pinku eiga). We have the German trailer for the home cinema release exclusively first:

Many of the porn films that were made in Japan especially in the 1970s are still worthwhile today – and there is a good reason for this: the genre of the so-called pink films was by no means just made up of cheap filmmakers – quite the opposite the place for young directors interested in thematically bold or aesthetically ambitious cinema.

The producers’ deal to the filmmakers: As long as you put in as many sex scenes as agreed, you can do whatever you want with the remaining running time!

Complex image frenzy

In 2016, cult Japanese director Sion Sono (“Love Exposure”, “Guilty Of Romance”) was commissioned to film a homage to the pink genre – and he was given as much artistic freedom as his colleagues at the time. The result lives up to its title: “Antiporno”, which will be released on October 16 in Germany as DVD, Blu-ray and VoD, is not really suitable for sexual stimulation despite explicit nude scenes.

Instead of this Sono unleashes a frenzy of images that is as disturbing as it is complex, juggling with surreal and metaphysical elements.

Now also with German synchro

“Antiporno” was only shown in the original with subtitles when it was released in cinemas in May 2020, but there is now a German dubbing on DVD, Blu-ray and VoD.

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This is what “Antiporno” is about: The artist Kyoko (Ami Tomite) is alone in her brightly colored apartment. On the surface she has a great life, but in reality she feels like the bottled lizard on her dessert table.

After dancing a little naked around her apartment, her assistant Noriko (Mariko Tsutsui) comes by to explain the upcoming schedule full of boring interviews. The young Kyoko isn’t really interested in that, but clearly enjoys humiliating her older helper.

When the reporter, photographer and make-up crew arrive for the first interview, they continue this game together and continue to humiliate Noriko. Suddenly a “cut” echoes through the room. The hustle and bustle of the women so far turns out to be a film set where only men work behind the camera and the balance of power between Noriko and Kyoko also turns around. But that’s far from the last twist that turns everything upside down…

That’s what we think of “anti-porn”

We already discussed “Antiporno” when it opened in cinemas – and gave it a strong four stars:

Our conclusion: “With ‘Antiporno’, Sion Sono brings us a wild remake of the Japanese sex film. It’s so full of ideas and absurdities that it’s impossible to grasp everything and it’s also hopelessly overwhelmed from time to time. But it doesn’t matter: you can still enjoy the colorful rush of images!”

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For the OV fans among you there is also the OmU trailer for “Antiporno” here:

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