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Even when the German launch of Disney+ was announced, many children of the 90s were looking forward to the dizzying adventures of “Captain Balu and his daredevil crew”. But there was no trace of the trick series on the streaming service – until now!

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Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom! There is hardly a child of the 90s with an affinity for trick series who does not immediately have the snappy, catchy title tune in mind when they think of “Captain Balu and his daredevil crew”. The Disney series also ran up and down on a wide variety of channels in Germany and, alongside formats such as “Darkwing Duck”, “Chip und Chap – Die Ritter des Rechts” and “Die Dinos”, is undoubtedly one of THE great cult series of the Maushaus in the first half of the decade.

Accordingly, when it was announced that Disney+ would also come to Germany and bring together the biggest Disney brands in one place, old fans of the series already sang in anticipation of the said intro. When the time came in March 2020, however, “Käpt’n Balu” shone with its absence – even though the series in the USA (where it goes by the name “TaleSpin”) was part of the streaming service’s launch offer at the time. Almost a year and a half later, the time has finally come:

All episodes of “Captain Balu and his daredevil crew” can be accessed on Disney+ from today, August 4, 2021.

» “Captain Baloo and his daring crew” on Disney+*

Absurd Disney – that works

The idea for “Captain Balu and his daredevil crew” reads quite absurd on paper. As in some other series of the time, well-known Disney characters were placed in a completely new setting that sometimes had nothing to do with their original surroundings. In this case, it was the animals from the Disney classic “The Jungle Book”.

The eponymous Balu, for example, becomes a daring pilot who, together with the orphan boy Kit Wolkenflitzer and his plane Seegans, works as a cargo pilot for the tough Rebecca Cunningham in the port city of Cape Suzette – and thanks to stubborn air pirates, among other things, he repeatedly finds himself in particularly precarious situations equipment. Meanwhile, we see “Jungle Book” monkey Louie here as a lively club owner and villain Shir Khan as an opaque businessman.

But as absurd as the concept may seem, in the end it worked surprisingly well. Based on the classic adventure entertainment of the 1930s and 1940s, “Captain Balu” is still a lot of fun thanks to lots of wit and all sorts of original ideas.

Only one season – which is also missing 2 episodes

However, the series was not given a very long runtime. Due to the former permanent presence on TV (where the series has not been running since 2015) it is hard to believe, but “Captain Balu and his daredevil crew” only jetted through the air for a single season. However, it has a total of 65 episodes – at least originally. As in the USA, the following two episodes are now missing on Disney + in Germany, one of which is even the series finale:

  • Episode 32: “Balu in the Kingdom of the Pandas” (OT: “Last Horizons”): Baloo encounters the fabled kingdom of Panda-La, where he is initially warmly welcomed, while the residents secretly plan an attack on Cape Suzette. The episode is missing due to the depiction of war and the stereotypical references to the East Asian population.
  • Episode 65: “The Flying Bucket” (OT: “Flying Dupes”): Balu is supposed to deliver a package to a state leader, which is actually a bomb. The episode is probably missing because of the terrorism references.

At least the remaining 63 episodes can now finally be watched up and down in Germany on Disney+. The only things missing now are “The Dinosaurs” and the “Aladdin” series…

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