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Whether we will actually never see Michael Myers on screen again after “Halloween Ends” can be doubted. At least the slasher trilogy by David Gordon Green ends on October 13th. Here’s the first trailer:

That was it in three months. Finally? We will see. Because even if director David Gordon Green finally completes his Michael Myers trilogy with “Halloween Ends” after “Halloween” and “Halloween Kills”, that doesn’t mean that we won’t see the slasher icon again at some point on the big screen get to see. If history has taught us one thing, whether it’s “Halloween II” (1981) or “Halloween H20” (1998), it’s that just because Michael Myers is supposedly killed at the end of an orgy of slaughter doesn’t mean that that he also stays dead.

Now there is finally a first trailer for “Halloween Ends”, which will at least act as a conclusion for the timeline taken by David Gordon Green. There will be no fourth film by him – at least according to the original plan and the current status. Of course, that doesn’t mean Green and Studio Universal wouldn’t reconsider the whole thing should the film hit the box office.

Given the finality that resonates with “Halloween Ends,” that seems unlikely at this point. Alternatively, there are also countless other ways to bring Michael Myers back – be it with a (further) remake or with a sequel that starts at a different point in the saga. In any case, the now soon 13 (!) “Halloween” films offer plenty of opportunities to reinvent the franchise.

What to expect in “Halloween Ends”

“Halloween” fans should be prepared for a big surprise, that’s what the inventor John Carpenter promised, just like the first (and last) Michael Myers actor Nick Castle. Make-up artist Chris Nelson called the film not only “different” but also “strange”.

“Halloween Ends” will be very different from its predecessors: fans can expect a surprise!

It remains to be seen to what extent “Halloween Ends” will actually give the series a new impact. At least in terms of the cast, we can expect a few old acquaintances: Among others, Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, Andi Matichak as granddaughter Allyson, Will Patton as Deputy Hawkins and Kyle Richards, who after the very first ” Halloween” from 1978 and “Halloween Kills” once more as Lindsey Wallace will return.

“Halloween Ends” is officially released in cinemas on October 13, 2022.

The perfect preparation for “Halloween Ends”

You still have a good three months until “Halloween Ends” starts, but it can’t hurt to prepare for the horror spectacle. Because even if you don’t have to have seen all the films of the “Halloween” saga, which also strays into the occult, supernatural and completely brain-racked, you should at least have seen all chapters of the timeline that “Ends” completes – starting with the original.

» “Halloween” (1978) on Amazon Prime Video*

John Carpenter’s slasher milestone is currently available on Amazon Prime Video or channels such as Home of Horror unabridged in subscription.

» “Halloween” (2018) on Amazon Prime Video*

You should also definitely have seen David Gordon Green’s first entry in the Myers saga from 2018, which takes place a whopping 40 years after the first film, but hides all subsequent films – and thus, with a huge leap in time, directly connects to the original . Unfortunately, the film is currently not available as a subscription, but is available uncut as VOD, DVD and Blu-ray for little money.

» “Halloween Kills” at WOW*

The seamlessly following sequel “Halloween Kills” is currently available from WOW (formerly Sky Ticket) and, as the direct “Ends” predecessor, is an absolute must if you buy a cinema ticket for the big Myers finale. Positive: WOW has the theatrical version in its program, which is a bit shorter than the extended cut released for home cinema, but is still better suited as a preparation. You can read why in the following article:

“Halloween Kills” in the Extended Cut: longer, more brutal… but not absolutely necessary

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