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We’ve been reading a lot about the most expensive Netflix film of all time “Red Notice” lately. Big bucks go to superstars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds & Gal Gadot, but now we know what else the budget is splurging on…

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With a budget of $160 million, “Red Notice” is currently the most expensive Netflix film of all time, ahead of titles like “6 Underground” ($150 million) and “The Irishman” ($140 million).

Of course, a large part of the budget goes to the main actors Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, who are said to collect 20 million each. But still remain approximately 100 million – and what director Rawson Marshall Thurber spends it on shows a new picture that Dwayne Johnson has now published on Instagram:

“Welcome to Rome, Italy,” Johnson captioned the image, only to reveal shortly afterwards that it’s not the real Rome, but a replica (!) — more specifically, um a replica of the Castel Sant’Angelo, which is called Castel Sant’Angelo in Italian. Built as a mausoleum in the second century AD, the building was later converted into a castle and now serves as a museum, Johnson writes.

In Red Notice, Johnson plays the world’s top crime hunter who teams up with the world’s top con artist (Reynolds) to catch the world’s top art thief (Gadot), so it’s not hard to imagine what role Castel Sant’Angelo should play in the film – with emphasis on should.

Such a set is not free

“As the pandemic shut down our world, we regrouped, re-thinked our strategy and decided the show had to go on,” Johnson said. “So we built the museum ourselves. Every little detail, inside and out.”

As a producer, he is very proud of the crew, especially production designer Andy Nicholson and his team. “They are the hardest workers in the room, always getting the job done.”

Such a large and complex set should not have been entirely in vain.

Red Notice is expected to be released on Netflix in 2021, but an exact start date has not yet been set. Filming is scheduled to end in November 2020, but with a film of this size, some time will also be needed for the so-called post-production with editing, music and visual effects.

Therefore, we are betting on a Netflix start in summer 2021, as a streaming summer blockbuster.

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