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In his brightly colored new comedy, Bigbug, director Jean-Pierre Jeunet unleashes a wacky cat war as robots take over.

“BigBug” is set in the year 2045. Artificial intelligence is on the rise. In the meantime, they can fulfill people’s almost every wish, no matter how strange. But what happens when the machines suddenly dare to revolt?

In a quiet residential area, four household robots take their people hostage in their homes. A rebellious family, a pushy neighbor and their sex robot now have to endure each other in a confined space. While machines take over outside, the opposing figures attack each other…

“The God of Carnage” with robots?

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet was known for, among other things, “Delicatessen” and “Alien: The Rebirth” until he created one of the greatest art house cult films ever in 2001 with “The Fabulous World of Amelie”. Since then, other works such as “Mathilde – A Great Love” or “The Map of My Dreams” have followed. If you see the trailer for his new Netflix film, you immediately recognize the play with the bright colors and the penchant for all kinds of bizarre characters.

However, “BigBug” doesn’t seem to have much in common with an easy-going, “Amelie”-style romance. Instead, the sci-fi comedy looks like a hysterical family chamber drama like “The God of Carnage” has been crossed with Netflix dystopias like “Love, Death and Robots” or “Black Mirror” and the madness level up turned stop.

Old friends from “Amelie”

The main roles of “BigBug” include Dominique Pinon (“The Boy and the Wild Geese”), Elsa Zylberstein (“The Taking of Hostages”) and Isabelle Nanty (“Summer 85”). The director has already worked with Pinon and Nanty on “Amelie”. Claude Perron is also known, among other things, from Jeunet’s cult romance.

Netflix will release “BigBug” for streaming on February 11, 2022.

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