“Crank” meets “John Wick”: The trailer for Netflix’s “Kate” promises a completely crazy firework of action – cinema news

Ever since “John Wick” you can’t get enough of action bangers drenched in blood and neon colors? Then you should put Netflix’s “Kate” at the top of your watch list. The first trailer actioner with Mary Elizabeth Winstead is awesome:

What. To the. Hell. Seven years after the start of the contract killer saga with Keanu Reeves, it can hardly be denied that “John Wick” unleashed a wave of both rough and stylish action hits. But now the ranks of lead-laden one-on-all butchery orgies are likely to grow to include a particularly blatant and crazy representative – at least that’s our first impression after the trailer for “Kate”.

The preview, enriched with plenty of action, not only sets the mood for the streaming hit, but also finally reveals the start date of the film: “Kate” will be available exclusively on Netflix from September 10, 2021.

That’s what “Kate” is about

Contract killer Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) accepts every job, no matter how dangerous, every mission no matter how tough – because it is thanks to her perfectionism and her experience that she is today the ultimate killing machine that hardly anyone can harm. Until one day an assignment in Tokyo becomes her undoing.

Kate is poisoned and suddenly has only 24 hours to live – but this is by no means a reason for the professional killer to simply give up. Determined to take revenge on her killers, she uses her final hours to eliminate everyone involved. Because if she is about to die, she takes everyone who was involved in her death with her. One after the other…

Action, action, action!

If the trailer for “Kate” reminds you of “John Wick” or “Atomic Blonde” with Charlize Theron, then it’s not coming from anywhere. In addition to the one-against-all plot, the Netflix thriller also takes a very similar stylistic direction. But at least David Leitch is none other than the filmmaker on board, to whom we owe the films just mentioned.

On the director’s chair, this time he lets effects specialist and “The Huntsman & The Ice Queen” maker Cedric Nicolas-Troyan go first. His handwriting, especially in the action, is still clearly recognizable – at the latest when it comes to the crunch in the neon-colored world of “Kate”. The hand-to-hand combat in particular almost hurts to watch.

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By the way: If you are wondering which comic this over-the-top hit is based on because of the very over-stylized look: none at all. The film comes from an idea by screenwriter Umair Aleem (“Extraction”), who of course also reminds of “Crank” in terms of story, in which it was Jason Statham who was supposed to be eliminated with a poison cocktail and started the hunt for his murderers.

For fans of the original sound, we also have the trailer for “Kate” here in English:

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