Another free streaming offer: strong cinema films and a large offer for children – cinema news

Provider Rakuten TV has significantly increased its free streaming offer due to the Corona crisis: From now on you will find great films such as “The Salesman” with Wallace & Gromit and Sheep Shaun as well as lots of children’s fun. Le Pace The recent offer of free streams does not stop: For all those … Read more

Bruce Willis fights kidnappers: Trailer for the action thriller “Survive The Night” – cinema news

In “Survive The Night,” Frank’s (Bruce Willis) family is endangered by two gangsters on the run who break into their home. The retired sheriff and his son must fight back. Here’s the trailer: In “Survive The Night,” Mathias’ (Tyler Jon Olson) and Jamie’s (Shea Buckner) heist goes awry and Mathias is shot. The two gangsters … Read more

“The Simpsons” now at Disney + – and maybe soon with Meghan and Prince Harry? – Series news

The long-running series “The Simpsons” is known for the numerous guest appearances of celebrities. And if it were up to “Siimpsons” producer Al Jean, this would soon include Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan (formerly Meghan Markle). FOX/US Cable Network On the Disney+ streaming service, which has just been launched, “The Simpsons” fans can watch all … Read more

‘Unorthodox’: The Explosive True Story Behind the New Netflix Series

Since March 26, 2020, Netflix has added “Unorthodox” to its program, a particularly controversial series that is based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Deborah Feldman – but also deliberately deviates from it in a few points. Netflix The opening credits for “Unorthodox” read that the new Netflix mini-series is inspired by … Read more

Bloody FSK-18 tear new on Netflix: That’s what awaits you in “Proud Mary” – cinema news

“Proud Mary” is the hottest Netflix newcomer in recent days – and ranks second in the current top 10 films on the streaming platform. We’ll tell you what to expect in the bloody action thriller with Taraji P. Henson ! Sony Pictures Releasing France With “Proud Mary” you can expect an action thriller on Netflix, … Read more

A Woman Swallows Thumbtacks and Batteries: Trailer for the Psychological Horror That Freaks Twitter! – Cinema News

The psychological horror film “Swallow” starring Haley Bennett has already garnered praise and awards at festivals. But since the film was released on VoD in the US on March 6th, the enthusiastic voices on Twitter have been increasing. Of course, there are always real masterpieces that appear directly on VoD. But especially in the horror … Read more

New on Netflix: Season 3 of the award-winning answer to ‘Breaking Bad’ – Series News

Since it started in 2017, the thriller series “Ozark” about the Byrde family and their tangles in the crime swamp has enjoyed great popularity. Season 3 is available on Netflix from today, March 27th – and it continues darkly as usual! Steve Deitl / Netflix Since the thriller series “Ozark” started in 2017, it has … Read more

“The Batman” and “Matrix 4” will probably have to be postponed, Marvel still confident about “Doctor Strange 2” – cinema news

Corona continues to hit the film industry hard. With “The Batman” and “Matrix 4”, two of the biggest blockbusters in 2021 will probably not be able to start as planned. However, one is still confident about the next MCU adventure. Emphasis on “still”… Warner Bros. Cinemas are closed in large parts of the world. But … Read more

Corona effects: This Netflix series will be canceled after just one season – series news

The first season of the Netflix series “Messiah” ended with a cliffhanger – which was only to be resolved in a second season. However, the corona pandemic has now thwarted the producers. Netflix Anyone who wanted to know after the last episode of the series “Messiah” how things will continue and whether the mysterious Messiah … Read more

Original “Arielle” synchro at Disney +: Double good news for fans! – Cinema News

The disappointment was great for fans of the original German dubbed version of “Arielle, the Mermaid”: Disney Plus currently only has the newer version. However, friends of the voices from the first version have an alternative. Disney The new Disney+ streaming service has finally been available in Germany since March 24, 2020. The offer on … Read more