How to Make a Low Carb Diet for Fast Weight Loss?

Low Carb Diets Low-carb diets are designed specifically for weight loss. It has other beneficial reasons as well, such as reducing the risk of diabetes. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. By reducing carbohydrates, the body is expected to produce less insulin, which helps to burn fat reserves and lose weight. … Read more

What is SMA Disease, What are its Symptoms?

Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA, is a genetically inherited motor neuron disease, which is seen in every 6 thousand births in our country. We touched on all the details that need to be known about this disease, whose name we hear frequently, with the campaigns made for its patients. You can find answers to many … Read more

Are You Aware of the Effect of Sun Rays?

In winter, the sun’s rays fall more horizontally and the sun rays that are felt lightly with thick clothes worn in layers, summer seasonWith the increase in air temperatures on the skin and the wearing of thin, skin-to-air clothes, sunlightWe felt it on our skin. We spend more time sunbathing on the beaches or having … Read more

10 Best Calming Herbal Tea Tips to Relieve Stress

Herbal Teas with a Relaxing Effect There are many treatments available to calm and relax. In this content, we discussed herbal teas that help people stay away from stress. The happy and relaxing herbal teas in the list we have prepared are completely natural products. You can relieve the stress and distress you experience during … Read more

Foods That Make You Sleepless!

Sleep is very important for the immune system and the healthy functioning of the body. Sometimes we wish we didn’t fall asleep. So how do we do this? Especially during exam periods, students may need sleep-inducing things to work late. Or, these foods that you unknowingly consume in the evening may delay the sleep you … Read more

The Miracle of Exercise

Exercising helps us strengthen our immune system and prevent diseases. Regular exercise has a positive effect on physical and mental health. It is said that people who exercise are happier and healthier. If we do not care about our body, we invite future diseases. That’s why we have to exercise consciously. Sport protects not only … Read more

A New Hope in Cancer Treatment

Scientists are constantly working to get rid of the disease of the age or to minimize its spread. So, how did this invention come about? French biologist Aurelie Juhem They tested the molecule they named ”ET-D5” on mice for seven years and observed that it stopped the growth of the tumor, stating that it gave … Read more

Sexual Disorders

Sexual problems can also occur due to organic factors or psychological factors. Sexual problems are all medical, psychological, social and cultural problems that prevent a woman or a man, an individual or a couple, from establishing and maintaining a healthy and satisfying sexual life. sexual problems; Thought-related sexual disorders Sexual disorders due to physical causes … Read more

What are Foot and Knee Sprains?

SPRAIN As a result of falling, pushing, and an extraordinary movement, the joint capsule and ligaments are stretched and torn. The sprained area swells, often with blood in the joint, and water collects within an hour or two. If bleeding occurs, this area becomes bruised. This bruise dissipates by changing color over time. Excessive strain … Read more

Benefits of Apple

in vitamin and minerals It is one of the most popular and recommended fruits due to its applefor their contribution to body health. source of healing is referred to as. Apple, one of the fruits recommended to be consumed since ancient times, is one of the most produced fruits in our country with its many … Read more