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The film that Tom Cruise is shooting in space is said to cost $200 million. But it won’t be the first film there anymore. In a reboot of the Space Race, Russia preempts the Hollywood production. It’ll start there in a few weeks.

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A Soyuz spacecraft is scheduled to launch on October 5, 2021, with director Klim Shipenko and actress Yuliya Peresild on board, among others. Their goal: With “The Challenge” shoot the first feature film that is not only set in space, but also created there.

For a total of twelve days, they want to shoot the necessary scenes for their film about a doctor who has to go on an emergency mission to the ISS space station in order to save the life of a cosmonaut there.

Russia is faster than Tom Cruise

Superstar Tom Cruise actually intended to shoot the first film in space. Already in 2020 he announced the project with director Doug Liman (“Edge Of Tomorrow”). Space entrepreneur Elon Musk and Hollywood studio Universal got on board. The budget is said to be $200 million. It was actually planned to also fly into space in October 2021, but this was delayed by Corona.

The Russian space agency Roscosmos quickly announced its own plans after the cruise announcement. The successful producer and head of TV station Konstantin Ernst (including the “Night Watch” series) commissioned with the implementation has now announced that they would have liked to go into space together with the Americans, so that both films would have been made in parallel on the ISS. But now that you are ready yourself, of course you take the opportunity to be faster.

Lead actress Yuliya Peresild was wanted in spring as part of a nationwide casting and then completed a crash course for astronauts. The final medical clearance was given this week. on her Instagram profile Peresild already shared some pictures of the preparations:

Yuliya Peresild is one of the most successful actresses in Russia, has been on the stage there for years and has also appeared in over 40 films and series. Among other things, she played the leading role in “Red Sniper – Die Totenschützin”.

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Director Klim Shipenko has meanwhile already shot a blockbuster that takes place in space: With the action drama “Salyut-7” (in which everything was still studio recordings and CGI effects, of course) he celebrated a great success in 2017. He is also known for the comedy “The Servant”, which became the most successful domestic film of all time in Russia in 2019 and is only behind James Cameron’s “Avatar” in the local all-time cinema charts.

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TheChallenge‘ should be in cinemas in 2022 or 2023. It remains to be seen how Tom Cruise will react to being overtaken here. It shouldn’t improve the mood of the star, who is currently sour because of the publication policy of his “Mission: Impossible” studio Paramount.

More sequels of the action series in danger? That’s why Tom Cruise is really angry after the end of shooting “Mission: Impossible 7”.

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