Animal comparison with Erdogan: Ankara condemns Kubicki’s statement free press

At an election campaign event, FDP politician Wolfgang Kubicki aimed at Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with an animal comparison. The statement makes waves as far away as Ankara.


The Turkish government has “strongly” condemned a controversial animal comparison by the FDP Deputy Wolfgang Kubicki to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and summoned the German ambassador.

The spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Tanju Bilgic, said on Tuesday that the “unacceptable statements” were inappropriate for his office as Vice President of the German Bundestag and lacked any political morality and responsibility. The German ambassador was also informed of “our strong reaction” to this issue.

Kubicki calls Erdogan a “sewer rat”

According to media reports, at an election campaign event in Hildesheim, Kubicki referred to Erdogan as a “sewer rat” in connection with his refugee policy.

When asked by the German Press Agency, the FDP politician classified on Tuesday: “In a side note during an election campaign appearance in Lower Saxony, I called Mr. Erdogan “little sewer rat”. A sewer rat is a small, cute, but clever and devious creature, which is why she also appears as a protagonist in children’s stories (“Kalle Kanalratte”, “Ratatouille”),” said Kubicki, who is also the Vice President of the Bundestag.

Kubicki further explained that he made the statement as part of a speech on the refugee policy of the Turkish President, who had struck a deal favorable to Turkey with the European Union to reduce the number of refugees. “Nevertheless, we have to see that the wave of refugees via the Balkan route increases again, which poses new challenges for German foreign and domestic policy,” said Kubicki. (dpa)

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