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Just seven weeks have passed between the theatrical release and the streaming premiere of “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness”. That example is now being followed by Toy Story spin-off Lightyear, which lands on Disney+ in early August.

As Disney has now officially confirmed, “Lightyear’ will be available to all Disney+ subscribers from August 3, 2022. You can experience the “Toy Story” spin-off based on the template for the toy figure Buzz Lightyear in your home cinema just seven weeks after its theatrical release – just like it was recently the case with “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness”. was.

However, while people still flocked to the cinemas for Sam Raimi’s multiverse adventure – the Marvel blockbuster with Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen brought in a remarkable 955 million dollars – things look a little different with “Lightyear”…

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Because the film about the hero who is the model for Andy’s beloved action figure from “Toy Story” went mercilessly at the box office. With roughly the same production costs as “Doctor Strange 2” (namely $200 million), “Lightyear” has so far brought in just $213 million. If you include the marketing costs in the calculation, the animated science fiction adventure will no longer be in the black in the cinema. And probably for several reasons.

“Lightyear”: Identity crisis with consequences

Even the trailer for Buzz Lightyear’s first solo mission, which is spoken here for the first time not by the original speaker Tim Allen but by “Captain America” ​​Chris Evans, promised more of a spectacular science fiction adventure than entertaining, child-friendly entertainment. And indeed, the content of “Lightyear” is reminiscent of big Hollywood hits like “Interstellar”, while the feature film debut of director Angus MacLane, who already worked as a co-director on “Finding Dory”, above all visually incredibly impressive is. Yes, the cinema ticket is worth it for this alone.

Nonetheless, “Lightyear” feels like he doesn’t really know what he wants to be. Of course, in typical Pixar fashion, there’s a universal story that appeals to young and old alike. And a cute and funny sidekick is also on board with cat Android Sox. Nevertheless, numerous “Toy Story” fans in particular were amazed at the Buzz Lightyear they were seeing here. That should be the model for our beloved astronauts? For many, he just isn’t.

The FILMSTARTS review of “Lightyear”

“To infinity and much further” is not the case for “Lightyear” in the box office or in the reviews. With scores like 60 points up MetaCritic as well as 5.4/10 in the IMDB In any case, the film is clearly one of the worst-reviewed cinema films from Pixar. In addition to the mixed reactions, there could also be another reason why the film made an economic crash landing:

The ever-shrinking time window between the start of cinema and streaming makes many film fans think twice about whether they really want to buy a cinema ticket for a film or if they just wait a few more weeks and then catch it up at home – without having to dig into their pockets extra if they already have a Disney+ subscription. However, “Thor 4: Love And Thunder” currently shows that this is only one of the reasons for the failure of “Lightyear”. Interest in the latest Marvel adventure, which is likely to end up at Disney+ sooner rather than later, fell off again after a really strong start. After two weeks, however, the film is already breaking in at over $500 million.

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