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In “Bullet Train” Brad Pitt is just one of many stars. You can get a foretaste of this in various trailers for the new action hit from “John Wick” maker David Leitch.

David Leitch really got off to a flying start as a stuntman in the late 90s, eventually landing a few supporting roles in big-budget Hollywood films, but since his directorial debut “John Wick” he has mainly been active behind the camera – and is therefore more successful than ever. After appearing in numerous films such as Fight Club, Troy and Mr. & Mrs. Smith” was still Brad Pitt’s stunt double, today he gives the superstar instructions from the director’s chair. Crazy world! Following their collaboration on Deadpool 2, in which Pitt has a brief cameo as Vanisher, we see the 58-year-old in Bullet Train (in theaters August 4, 2022) now for the first time as the main actor of a Leitch actioner – together with a cast that can only be bursting with stars.

Among others, Oscar winner Sandra Bullock (for “The Blind Side”), “Man Of Steel” villain Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“The King’s Man”, “Tenet”), who from Netflix’s “Kissing Booth” well-known Joey King and Logan Lerman, who also played in the war actioner “Heart of Steel” alongside Brad Pitt. You can also expect the two martial arts experts Hiroyuki Sanada (“Mortal Kombat” ) and Andrew Koji (“Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins”) as well as the Berliner Zazie Beetz, who already let it rip in Leitch’s “Deadpool 2” and since her appearances in “Joker” and “The Harder They Fall” probably too one of the most sought-after German exports in the dream factory.

This is bullet train

Based on the bestselling book of the same name by Kōtarō Isaka, Leitch’s latest film takes place aboard a Shinkansen – a Japanese bullet train popularly known as the “Bullet Train” – where a bitter struggle to the death erupts.

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In the steel colossus racing from Tokyo to Kyoto there are not only numerous ordinary passengers, but also several professional killers – and not without reason. Because each of them is currently on a mission, has their sights set on their goal, unaware that their assignments are intertwined…

bullet train“ runs exclusively in cinemas from August 4, 2022!

Note: Our original message about the first trailer has been updated with further German trailers and the now final theatrical release date.

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