Awesome cast for Guillermo del Toro’s dark “Pinocchio”: Even more stars join the Netflix film – cinema news

Thanks to Netflix, Guillermo del Toro’s long-planned stop-motion adaptation of Pinocchio is finally coming to fruition. Now, among others, Cate Blanchett and “Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard have joined the already illustrious cast of speakers. / Netflix For years, Shape Of Water director Guillermo del Toro has tried to create his own vision of … Read more

A stoner and a zombie ghost cop must find a serial killer: trailer for “Dead” – Kino News

In “Dead” a ghost cop, who probably looks more like a zombie for budget reasons, and a stoner have to catch a serial killer. The first trailer shows what it looks like: After injecting himself with a mysterious drug, otherwise hapless stoner Marbles (Thomas Sainsbury) is able to communicate with spirits. This benefits wannabe supercop … Read more

German trailer for “Deep Blue Sea 3”: Nature strikes back with sharks! – Cinema News

Humanity is sawing off the branch it is sitting on. In Deep Blue Sea 3, climate change is causing the evil sharks to become even more aggressive than they already are. “Deep Blue Sea 3” will be an eco-exploitation film: In this cheap thriller, climate change and the associated displacement of animals from their habitats … Read more

Is “Tenet” as good as “Inception”? – Cinema News

Can Christopher Nolan’s new film, which will be released in German cinemas on August 26 after some postponements, keep up with his best works such as “Inception” or “The Dark Knight”? Read it in our detailed review of “Tenet”: Warner Bros. After the decision, “mulan‘ to be played directly on Disney +, this is the … Read more

Great Batman comeback: Ben Affleck’s appearance in “The Flash” is so important – cinema news

Who would have thought: Ben Affleck is actually playing Bruce Wayne / Batman again in the upcoming DCEU movie The Flash. It’s still unclear how big the role is, but it’s apparently already clear: it’s an extremely important role… Warner Bros. Ben Affleck returns as Batman. A twist that is still very cautiously described as … Read more

Russell Crowe tells how crazy the plot of “Gladiator 2” could have been – cinema news

Gladiator 2 could still come, but without Russell Crowe. In an interview, he said wittily that “Gladiator” producer Doug Wick once had the idea of ​​letting Maximus return Jesus-style. United International Pictures (UIP) We already heard that Maximus, who died a heroic death in Gladiator, should return in Gladiator 2. Russell Crowe, however, has now … Read more

Is there a “Spider Woman” movie coming? Olivia Wilde Makes Secret Marvel Project – Cinema News

Good news for all Marvel fans! Booksmart director Olivia Wilde is making a new film for Sony about a female comic book heroine. But who it is is still a mystery – isn’t it? Marvel As deadline reports, actress-director Olivia Wilde, who hailed viewers and critics alike with 2019’s comedy Booksmart, is said to be … Read more

From “Game Of Thrones” to the next fantasy hit: New actress for Amazon’s “Wheel Of Time” – series news

Amazon’s “The Lord of the Rings” series has already caught two “Game Of Thrones” veterans and Amazon’s second upcoming fantasy hit “The Wheel of Time” now also has “GoT” reinforcement on board… HBO/Amazon Amazon boss Jeff Bezos is apparently serious about the new “Game Of Thrones” for the in-house streaming platform, which is why Amazon … Read more

Horror prefabricated building: The trailer for “Hausen” promises a disturbing series highlight from Germany – series news

With the ongoing German series offensive of various streaming and premium services, local series providers are no longer afraid of genre material. The trailer for the sky horror series “Hausen” now demonstrates this particularly impressively. After the death of his wife, Jaschek (“Police call 110” inspector Charly Hübner) moves with his 16-year-old son Juri (Tristan … Read more