‘Ratched’ on Netflix: Season 2 Seems Certain – Series News

The end of the first season “Ratched” seems quite complete. But the plan to shoot two seasons of the Netflix series was announced years ago – and leading actress Sarah Paulson has recently shown confidence. Netflix Spoilers for the first season “Ratched” Nothing is certain in times when the corona virus is still raging – … Read more

Not “Tenet” or “After Truth”: This horror thriller is the real Corona winner in the German cinema charts! – Cinema News

“Tenet” and “After Truth” show that despite the current restrictions, you can very well get (almost) normal visitor numbers. The horror thriller “Follow Me”, on the other hand, not only meets the expectations, but literally pulverizes them… Capelight Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” broke the magic mark of one million visitors last weekend – despite corona restrictions, … Read more

Discounts for raw materials – Trade agreement between Taliban and Russia fixed

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This week: “Jurassic Park” is coming back to the cinema! – Cinema News

If you’re too young to have experienced “Jurassic Park” on the big screen in 1993, you will now have another opportunity to do so over a quarter of a century. CinemaxX will show Steven Spielberg’s classic from September 25th. Universal Pictures There are certain films that you really wish you had seen in the cinema. … Read more

Tom Cruise as the new Iron Man in the “Avengers” universe? That’s why the rumor makes sense – cinema news

A recent rumor (and nothing more than that!) is that Tom Cruise is set to star as Iron Man in Doctor Strange 2. As unlikely as this guest appearance is, it makes perfect sense for two reasons… Marvel Studios 2019 // Universal Pictures International France At first glance, it looks like one of those rumors … Read more

From today there’s a full load of Jackie Chan on TV: It’s worth tuning in for a very special reason – cinema news

Jackie Chan fans are in for a treat with some real highlights this week. Up to and including Wednesday, Kabel 1 is showing some classics that are hard to come by on DVD – and are still not available on Blu-ray. Golden Harvest The special thing about the cult action comedies by and with Jackie … Read more

Killer comedy with Arnie: You can watch this new Schwarzenegger film for 97 cents – cinema news

“Terminator 6” was actually created after “Killing Gunther” – but the hitman comedy only found its way to Germany after “Dark Fate”. The film is already available at a bargain price, but it’s only worth watching for Arnie omnivores. Metropolitan Film Export “Killing Gunther” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger already celebrated its home cinema premiere in the … Read more

First voices on the new “The Walking Dead” series: “World Beyond” is so good – series news

The new The Walking Dead spin-off World Beyond starts on October 5th on Amazon Prime Video. The first critics have already expressed their opinion – and look to the future with mixed feelings. Jojo Whilden / AMC The eleventh season of “The Walking Dead” is finally over – or something. Because even if the main … Read more

“Better than ‘Titanic'”: German trailer for the FSK-18 madness “Harpoon” “shits on real critics’ voices” – Kino News

“Harpoon” is a nasty shocker on the open sea, but in which the (deep black) humor is not neglected. The funny German meta-trailer for the bloody boot chamber game makes that clear. It’s a well-known fact: Many trailers are downright plastered with praise from the trade press. Since nobody checks these quotes or their context … Read more

After just one season: Netflix is ​​canceling one of the most extraordinary series – series news

“Messiah”, “The Society”, “I Am Not Okay With This”, “Altered Carbon”: The list of Netflix series canceled in 2020 is long. Now there’s another series to come: “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” won’t continue either. Kevin Baker/Netflix Netflix is ​​known for uncompromisingly discontinuing series if the streaming service’s merciless cost-benefit calculation doesn’t add up … Read more