After cinema “flop”: Fantasy hit in the footsteps of “Lord of the Rings” becomes a series on Disney + – that’s why fans have hope – series news

When the then just 19-year-old Christopher Paolini published “Eragon” in 2002, it was the birth of a fantasy success story – just not in the cinema. The adaptation disappointed there. A series on Disney + should now do better… Disney and its affiliates Christopher Paolini’s fantasy series comprises four novels, Eragon – The Legacy of … Read more

New on Amazon Prime: Audiences say it’s the most boring movie of all time! – Cinema News

As if “Fifty Shades Of Grey” hadn’t already received enough scolding from the international trade press, the erotic love film finally received the death knell from the British audience in 2017 and was voted the most boring (!) film of all time. Universal / Amazon Prime Video Not only critics can be merciless, the audience … Read more

The new trailer for “She-Hulk” reveals two big MCU guest appearances – and one makes fans really cheer – series news

The new She-Hulk trailer doesn’t just feature Benedict Wong as Wong, who continues to work to overtake Robert Downey Jr. as the most-visited actor in the MCU. No, there’s a big surprise at the end… In She-Hulk: The Lawyer, we see Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) being trained by her cousin Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) in … Read more

For the first time on TV: This high-tension thriller starring the Marvel star is a punch in the pit of the stomach – Kino News

With “Poisoned Truth”, a grandiose thriller is celebrating its free TV premiere this Tuesday, which is all the more depressing and shocking because it is based on real events. Update (July 26, 7:20 p.m.): Apparently there was a short-term program change. ARD is now showing at 11:45 p.m “Secret of a Life”. Director Todd Haynes … Read more

After ‘Love, Death & Robots’: ‘Deadpool’ Director and David Fincher Bring This Iconic Comic to Netflix! – Cinema News

After years in production hell, it seems like a movie adaptation of the comic book The Goon might finally become a reality. It was confirmed at Comic-Con that the project has found a new home with streaming giant Netflix. Netflix Deadpool mastermind Tim Miller and director legend David Fincher (“Seven”) work well together as the … Read more

“Manifest” on Netflix: what does the title of the hit series actually mean? – Series news

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of the series title “Manifest” actually is? We explain what is behind the name of the series that is currently rocking the Netflix charts and is also loved by Stephen King. NBC/Netflix After the mystery series “Manifest” was canceled by NBC after three seasons, Netflix jumped into the … Read more

Two of the best war movies of all time are on TV back-to-back today – more than four hours of cinematic mastery! – Cinema News

Today, Wednesday, Kabel 1 spoils you with a sensational war film double and shows two of the best genre representatives back to back with “Full Metal Jacket” and “Platoon”. However, there is a catch… The war film genre is filled to the brim with films ranging from the impressive to the disturbing. “Nothing New in … Read more

“Avengers 5”: The most important personnel for “The Kang Dynasty” has already been clarified – cinema news

We still don’t know which heroes will have to take on the eponymous villain (or even several versions of him?) in “Avengers 5: The Kang Dynasty”. But now we know who puts them in the limelight: an old acquaintance. Marvel Studios Destin Daniel Cretton is the director of Avengers 5: The Kang Dynasty. He could … Read more

In this ex-index action hit with FSK 18 there is even a duel with chainsaws – now he comes back uncut to home cinema – cinema news

The actioner “Born Hero 2” still ups the ante where many other buddy cop movies give in. This garnered him both a following and indexing. But now it’s finally coming out uncut with FSK 18 on Blu-ray. Vision Gate / TT video +++ Opinion +++ Two mismatched cops must crack a dangerous case. In the … Read more

Catch up now in the home cinema: brand new Stephen King horror – which hardly anyone has seen in the cinema – cinema news

Since the success of “IT”, the Stephen King film adaptations have only sprout like mushrooms – many of them make it to the cinema, but remain largely unnoticed. Will the flopped “Firestarter” be more popular in home cinema? Andy Muschietti’s “IT” grossed more than $700 million at the box office, and that wasn’t all the … Read more