New on Netflix this week: vampire action from the “John Wick” makers, the new season of a series highlight & more – cinema news

In the coming days you can not only look forward to the vampire actioner “Day Shift” with Jamie Foxx and the third season “Locke & Key” on Netflix. With “Never in my life…” one of the best Netflix series finally continues… Parish Lewis/Netflix In the coming week, Netflix has three third seasons of popular series … Read more

“The Blacklist” on Netflix: That’s why fans are very confused and speculate wildly – ​​series news

In the season eight finale of The Blacklist, a main character dies. But the killer confuses many fans. We clarify what this is all about and why the wild speculation has no basis – warning: SPOILER! Will Hart/NBC/Netflix In the season eight finale of The Blacklist, fans must say goodbye to longtime protagonist Liz (Megan … Read more

In 3 days, DC star Jason Momoa fights with Marvel star Dave Bautista in the post-apocalypse: trailer for “See” season 2 – series news

Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista are two of Hollywood’s most popular beefcakes. Before we even get to see the two in the sci-fi movie Dune, they battle each other in Season 2 of The See on Apple TV+. Here’s the trailer: There’s a lot going on with Jason Momoa (“Aquaman”). Just last week he rebelled … Read more

The first pictures of Netflix’s “Cowboy Bebop” live series are here – and they look really good!

Cowboy Bebop is considered one of the anime masterpieces par excellence, and Netflix is ​​making a live-action version of it right now. Now there are finally the first pictures that successfully transfer the stylish look of the template into reality. 1. John Cho as Spike Spiegel in Netflix’s “Cowboy Bebop” + © KIRSTY GRIFFIN/NETFLIX “Cowboy … Read more

“Beverly Hills Cop 4” on Netflix: finally good news for fans of the action series – cinema news

“Beverly Hills Cop 4” has been coming for years, and the action sequel has been delayed for years. Even since Netflix’s entry in 2019, it’s been suspiciously quiet. But now there is clear movement and the film should finally come. Paramount/Netflix “Beverly Hills Cop 4” was originally supposed to be made in the 1990s, but … Read more

The “Spider-Man 3” trailer under the magnifying glass: Daredevil, Doc Ock and many other Easter eggs [Video] – Cinema News

Our video producer Sebastian took a very close look at the newly released trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and shows you in the video what you can discover in the preview of the new Marvel film: Some people watch trailers, others dissect you. And of course, the popular preview videos are no longer produced … Read more

“The Walking Dead” is back with a bang: The 10 best moments from season 11, episode 1 [Video] – Series news

The eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead has finally launched on TV and Disney+. And this time, FILMSTARTS video editor Sebastian presents you the ten most memorable moments from the latest episode in his recap clip. With the first episode of the eleventh season, “The Walking Dead” heralds the beginning of the end. … Read more

Scary trailer for “Village In The Woods” offers folk horror à la “Wicker Man” – Kino News

In a few days, the British horror film “The Village In The Woods” will be coming to our home cinemas. See the trailer here with lots of creepy-weird villagers in authentically run-down settings: In The Village In The Woods, young Rebecca (Beth Park) has unexpectedly inherited an inn in a small, very remote town in … Read more

Today on TV: A horror double pack with stars from “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars” – just right for horror fans – cinema news

TELE 5 is showing two gothic horror films from late in the evening until late at night, which are relatively unknown despite the top-class cast. So even die-hard fans of spooky suspense can be excited… Nicholas Dove Gothic horror fans who don’t have a problem with commercial breaks should take a look at TELE 5’s … Read more

The ultimate horror for claustrophobics will be released in 2 days: German trailer for “Meander” – Kino News

People with claustrophobia should probably avoid “Meander – Survival Instinct”. Everyone else apparently expects an intense mix of “Saw”, “Cube” and “Buried”, as the trailer for the horror film promises: A woman (“Vikings” star Gaia Weiss) wakes up in a tiny room after a fateful encounter with a stranger (Peter Franzén, also known from “Vikings”) … Read more