Day: August 2, 2022

  • Ex-Bond Pierce Brosnan lets it rip again: German trailer for the action thriller “The Misfits” – Kino News

    In “The Misfits” Pierce Brosnan ties back to the old James Bond days and becomes an action hero. Here you can see the German trailer:

    Master thief Richard Pace (Pierce Brosnan) has just escaped from a maximum security prison. On the run from the FBI, he is picked up by the Misfits, a gang of modern-day Robin Hoods. Without further ado, the crooks (including Nick Cannon and Jamie Chung) persuade Richard to join them. Their next heist is supposed to be a coup of the century: The Misfits want to steal gold bars from one of the most secure prisons in the world. The owner of the gold, businessman Schultz (Tim Roth), was once responsible for Richard’s imprisonment…

    “The Misfits – Die Meisterdiebe” will start on November 19, 2021 on DVD and Blu-ray and will be available as a VoD from November 4th on Amazon Prime Video.

    ›› “The Misfits” on DVD on Amazon*
    ›› “The Misfits” on Blu-ray on Amazon*
    ›› “The Misfits” as VoD on Amazon Prime Video*

    Trash or cult?

    The Misfits is the new film from director Renny Harlin, who has directed numerous genre films throughout his career, particularly in the horror and thriller genres. In the past, the Finnish filmmaker was responsible for “Nightmare on Elm Street 4”, “Exorcist: The Beginning” or the cult action flicks “Die Hard 2” and “Cliffhanger”. The fact that Harlin has already been nominated six times for the Golden Raspberry, the anti-Oscar, reveals that the line to trash was sometimes crossed.

    The first trailer for “The Misfits” promises at least all kinds of big action scenes, somewhere between the “Ocean’s” series and action orgies like Michael Bay’s “6 Underground”.

    Note: The original message regarding the original trailer has been updated with the German trailer.

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  • After “Star Wars” and “Chaos Walking”: Daisy Ridley grabs the lead role in the sci-fi thriller “Mind Fall” – Kino News

    Her breakthrough came with Disney’s “Star Wars” trilogy. She was last seen opposite Tom Holland in Chaos Walking. Now Daisy Ridley has landed her next sci-fi project. The thriller “Mind Fall” by Mathieu Kassovitz.

    Walt Disney

    Daisy Ridley is best known to most moviegoers as Star Wars heroine Rey. In addition to her appearances as a lightsaber-wielding Jedi student, she has also appeared in the Agatha Christie film “Murder on the Orient Express”, the Shakespearean drama “Ophelia” and the science fiction adventure “Chaos Walking”. Now Ridley has been cast in the lead role in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Mind Fallreports deadline. There is already a detailed table of contents:

    That’s what “Mind Fall” is about

    Mind Fall is set in London in the not too distant future. Illegal technology allows memories to be transferred from one person to another. Daisy Ridley plays Ardis Varnado, a memory transfer specialist who provides the forbidden service. People with money problems come to her and have their memories bought, while wealthy customers pay a lot to have the thoughts implemented in their subconscious, so that they can no longer distinguish between real and added experiences.

    Ardis himself is also addicted to strange memories and increasingly loses his sense of reality. One day she is suspected of having committed a murder, so she does her own research to uncover the truth. She can never be sure that she is innocent. After all, in the world of Mind Fall, no one can trust their own memories…

    directing and screenplay

    As deadline also explains, “Mind Fall” is directed by French director Matthieu Kassovitz (“Hate”, “The Crimson Rivers”), who has also acted in several well-known productions such as “The Fabulous World of Amelie” and “The Fifth Element”. contributed. The screenplay for the sci-fi thriller was written by Graham Moore (“The Imitation Game”).

    Mind Fall does not have a release date yet.

    New Netflix sci-fi series from the “Game Of Thrones” makers casts Marvel star and two “GoT” fan favorites

  • Too brutal for “Venom 2”: This Carnage moment had to be defused for the Marvel film – cinema news

    There is a scene in Venom: Let There Be Carnage that was deemed too gruesome for audiences and made it into the film in a weakened form. There is talk of a murder that Carnage commits with his tongue (!).


    Opinions on Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage vary widely. Some consider it an entertaining and fun blockbuster, others would have preferred a darker, bloodier film, mainly because of Carnage (Woody Harrelson), which deviates more from the usual superhero formula. But no matter how one finds “Venom 2”, one thing can hardly be disputed: In the Carnage comics things are much (!) more brutal than in the film adaptation.

    The FILMSTARTS review of “Venom: Let There Be Carnage”

    But that doesn’t mean that the blood-red symbiote treats its victims squeamishly in the cinema. During his prison break, Carnage grabs a prison guard and kills him by shoving his tongue down his throat. Exactly what he’s doing with his slimy mouthpart inside his victim isn’t entirely clear, but he’s probably making shish kebabs out of the poor man’s organs. This scene is the moment in Venom: Let There Be Carnage where the brutality of the monster is most evident – yes originally this moment turned out to be even harder.

    That’s why the most brutal Carnage moment had to be defused

    In an interview with Variety Venom 2 visual effects manager Sheena Duggal revealed how a particular comic book moment served as inspiration for the scene:

    “He does that [in den Comics] with a tentacle, but I thought it would be fun if he used his tongue to add an extra ferocious element,” Duggal said, but she also confirms: “We had to tone that down a bit.” So the original version of that scene was too brutal to make it into the finished film.

    ›› “Venom 2” Limited Blu-ray Edition on Amazon*

    The reason for this reluctance is quite simple: If the carnage that the Marvel villain in the comics regularly causes had been transferred to the cinema with the same brutality, then the film would hardly have received an FSK-12 (or PG-13) rating in the USA). For a blockbuster that is also intended to attract young people to the cinema, it would have meant major financial losses if the level of violence and thus the age rating had been increased.

    The “Deadpool” films, which are very similar in terms of theme and tonality, as well as the dark DC hit “Joker” have already proven that comic book adaptations with an R rating can also be very successful. Still, it remains a big gamble for film studios to risk an R rating on films budgeted over $100 million. This year’s DC blockbuster The Suicide Squad certainly went all out when it came to brutality, but it underperformed at the box office for reasons other than the R rating.

    “Venom 2” in the podcast: How good is the Marvel film?

    But does Venom: Let There Be Carnage’s brutality matter that much? How well the Marvel film works even without explicit carnage was discussed by moderator Sebastian Gerdshikow and the two FILMSTARTS editors Julius Vietzen and Markus Trutt in our podcast on the screen love:

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  • “Matrix 4” makes fun of Facebook with a new poster – cinema news

    In the future, Facebook wants to rely entirely on the metaverse, a virtual space that could replace large parts of physical reality. The marketing department of “Matrix 4” has now used this announcement for a successful dig.

    Warner Bros.

    This week, Mark Zuckerberg went public with a message: his company, Facebook, has rebranded to Meta. The well-known social media platform would continue to run under the old name. But the company Facebook has grown over the years, has incorporated competitors such as Instagram and WhatsApp and, with Oculus VR, has also taken over one of the pioneers in virtual reality.

    Meta should now set the new direction. While social media is the present, the metaverse is the future. In a virtual space, which should also be linked to physical reality, a wide variety of digital services should be connected. People should meet there, socialize, play together, go to work and much more.

    Zuckerberg calls it the “Metaverse”, evil tongues could also call it “Matrix”…

    Found food for “Matrix 4”

    This announcement comes at just the right time for the marketing department of The Matrix 4: Resurrections. After all, the continuation of the popular sci-fi series will soon be released in cinemas and the advertising campaign is in full swing. The official Matrix 4 Twitter channel has now posted a revised version of the official poster – with the addition of the words: “Now based on true events”.

    A good gag that alludes to the fact that the Metaverse has similarities with the titular Matrix. This is a virtual reality created by machines to make people believe they are living normal lives, while in the physical world they have actually been enslaved.

    The metaverse planned by Mark Zuckerberg is still a long way from becoming an ultra-realistic reality substitute that can hardly be distinguished from the real world. But should a real matrix ever come about in the distant future (please don’t!), then Mark Zuckerberg would probably go down as one of the founding fathers of this technology, having just taken one of the first steps in this direction with his metaverse.

    That such a joke could be cracked more than 20 years after the release of the first “Matrix” film is a little disconcerting, but it also confirms how visionary the 1999 sci-fi masterpiece was even back then…

    matrix 4“ will be released in German cinemas on December 23, 2021.

    “Matrix 1-3” and preview of “Matrix 4”

  • Netflix hit “Squid Game”: These Christmas sweaters are the new trend after Halloween costumes – series news

    Happy Halloween everyone! If you don’t have your costume yet, it’s probably too late. But, Christmas is just around the corner. And if you are a fan of the Netflix series “Squid Game”, you can secure an Ugly Christmas Sweater for it.


    The South Korean thriller series “Squid Game” is trending not only in the Netflix charts, but also in the Halloween costumes 2021. The costumes from the series are always scary, after all, “Squid Game” is about games that people play Participate for lack of money in order to win billions if they win – or get killed if they lose at one of the children’s games.

    And so the trend this Halloween is clearly towards red overalls with masks or green jogging suits. But what comes after Halloween? That’s right, Christmas. And so the next “Squid Game” clothing trend is now emerging: Christmas jumpers with motifs from the Netflix hit.

    Ugly Christmas Sweater to “Squid Game”

    By the way, that’s what’s called the Ugly Christmas Sweater – this trend has been around for years, it refers to oversized knitted sweaters with Christmas motifs that are particularly kitschy or particularly ugly, sometimes both. If a film or series franchise is very popular, the sweaters are also available with corresponding motifs – be it “Star Wars” or “Harry Potter”…

    …or just “Squid Game”. Such a “Squid Game” Christmas jumper is available, for example and then it looks like this:

    Merchoid Homepage

    Screenshot from the Merchoid homepage (as of 10/20/2021): “Squid Game” Christmas jumper

    Various motifs from “Squid Game” can be seen on the black-pink-green (pink based on the red overalls of the guards, green for the tracksuits of the participants of the games) sweater – among other things, the six games are represented, namely through the pictograms as they can also be seen on the walls of the dormitory in the series (note the front, back and sleeves of the sweater). Not even that ugly!

    Of course, the ugly Christmas sweater season has only just begun. The range of “Squid Game” Christmas jumpers is still manageable, but is likely to grow rapidly in the near future. Then the sweaters should also appear in mail order companies and online marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy.

    Want to know what’s next in Squid Game Season 2? Netflix hasn’t confirmed a second season yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Here are the best theories for you:

    “Squid Game”: These are the best theories for Season 2 of the Netflix hit

  • “Locke & Key” on Netflix: Season 3 is coming – but now has the “Game Of Thrones” problem – series news

    Season 3 of the fantasy horror series “Locke & Key” has already wrapped – so fans who just watched Season 2 on Netflix don’t have to worry about replenishment. But there is a difference: Season 3 no longer has a comic template…


    After the success of the first season of “Locke & Key”, Netflix announced two more seasons of the comic adaptation. Season 2 was recently released on Netflix, Season 3 has already been filmed and could therefore come to the streaming service in 2022. But the series is about to undergo a fundamental change: it has overtaken its literary template…

    Is that familiar to you? The most famous case in which a series overtook its original in terms of plot is probably “Game Of Thrones”. From the sixth season, the showrunners could no longer fall back on novels by George RR Martin – and many fans found the subsequent seasons much worse. (Warning: Locke and Key spoilers follow!)

    “Locke & Key” season 3 without comic template

    Locke & Key seasons 1 and 2 are based on the Locke & Key comic books by author Joe Hill and illustrator Gabriel Rodríguez. The latest in the main series (there are also a series of prequel short stories), Alpha #2 was released in December 2013. That ended the Dodge storyline – and that’s how it was handled on the show. At the end of Season 2, the Locke siblings defeat Dodge, but a new villain emerges: the Echo of Captain Gideon (Kevin Durand), or the demon who inhabits him.

    ›› Locke & Key Comic Template: Master Edition Volume 1 at Amazon*

    Captain Frederick Gideon, a sadistic Revolutionary War soldier who terrorized the Locke family and killed ancestor Peter Locke, becomes the main antagonist of modern-day Lockes Kinsey (Emilia Jones), Tyler (Connor Jessup) and co However, the “Locke & Key” screenwriters had to invent the plot for the third season, which had already been turned off, completely freely – A template could not be accessed.

    “World War Key”: More comics planned

    The “Locke & Key” comic series should also continue, very similar to the “Game Of Thrones” book series. The literary templates just progress more slowly here than the series that are based on them.

    Joe Hill, who is the son of horror pope Stephen King, confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 that more “Locke & Key” comics are in the works. The new storyline is entitled “World War Key” and is intended to refer to the past. The American Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the Second World War should play a role in it and the new story should also serve as a prequel and sequel to the previous “Locke & Key” series.

    Captain Gideon was only made up for the series

    From these statements it can be concluded that the creators of the “Locke & Key Netflix series have already taken these plans into account for Season 3. After all, Captain Gideon is a Revolutionary War soldier. And given that Season 2 has already worked with flashbacks to the Locke family’s past while the main story continues in the present, it’s quite possible that we will learn more about the family history in season 3, so there will also be space for the prequel and sequel.

    The prequel short stories mentioned above entitled “The Golden Age”, which have been published continuously since 2011, form a kind of prelude to the upcoming “World War Key”. So Joe Hill also called these books “World War Key 0: The Golden Age”. So there was already some material for the series. Incidentally, the complete edition of “The Golden Age” will be published on March 15, 2022 and can already be pre-ordered.

    ›› Locke & Key: The Golden Age on*

    But it stays the same: The plot of “Locke & Key” continues from season 3 without a real template, so some things could be different than in the previous two seasons, especially tonally. Whether the series can still satisfy fans of the comics remains to be seen. For “Game Of Thrones” at least it proved to be a problem to have overtaken the literary template.

    The biggest difference is already evident: Captain Gideon, who was introduced in season 2 and will be the main villain from season 3, does not exist in the comic templates. Conversely, of course, this also means that from now on the series will be different from the comics, which will only appear later.

    Locke & Key on Netflix: Season 2 ending explained – and what it means for Season 3

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  • Streaming tip on Amazon Prime: A “Star Wars” & Marvel star in the role of his life – cinema news

    Damien Chazelle’s “Whiplash” is often understood as the magnus opus of drummer drama. In doing so, however, a real music film pearl is overlooked: The Amazon film “Sound of Metal” is less on electricity, but has a more honest message.

    Amazon Prime Video

    +++ Opinion +++

    The Briton Riz Ahmed has risen to prominence in Hollywood over the past few years with roles in blockbuster hits like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Venom. But just how strong his acting really is becomes apparent when character roles give him room to breathe – like as a terror suspect in his mesmerizing 2006 debut The Road To Guantanamo or in the thriller masterpiece Nightcrawler opposite Jake Gyllenhaal .

    In my opinion, the biggest highlight of his career so far is the Oscar-nominated lead role in “Sound Of Metal”., an Amazon original from 2019. He plays a drummer who suddenly loses his hearing and has to completely change his life as a result. A true performance treat including narrative sensitivity of script and staging, which is available as a stream at no additional cost via the Amazon Prime Video subscription.

    ›› “Sound Of Metal” on Amazon Prime Video*

    That’s what Amazon Prime’s “Sound Of Metal” is all about

    Drummer Ruben (Riz Ahmed) and his singing girlfriend Lou (Olivia Cooke) tour gig to gig in their RV as the metal duo Blackgammon. But a sudden hearing loss pulls the rug out from under the musician’s feet: a doctor confirms that the largely lost sense of hearing will not return.

    After Ruben initially tries to ignore the problem and still plays concerts, he finally has to face the harsh reality and rearrange his life. A facility especially for the deaf is supposed to help him psychologically – but without Lou, because she is undesirable as a hearing person. In the back of his mind, Ruben still hopes that one day he will be able to afford a hearing prosthesis for 40-80 thousand dollars. But is that the solution?

    Deafness has never been so accessible

    The film starts with a loud concert by the two of them, accompanied by croaking electric guitar feedback. Then Ruben thrashes his drums as if in a trance. The sparkling eyes show: he burns for the music. So much so that the next morning he even caresses his girlfriend awake with the drumsticks. He also prepared breakfast. The couple fools around a bit in love, then it’s off to the next gig. During the drive, they amuse themselves with silly, funny thought experiments about brushing their teeth in public or turning their own body ashes into ink. In short: they live and love their small, adventurous life.

    Then comes the sudden hearing loss – and suddenly everything is different: no more carefree caresses. No more nonsense stories. Instead, they stare out of the rainy window, lost in thought. The bridge between the two, which seemed to be defined entirely by the sound through music and conversation, has torn. This dramatic loss of life energy is staged in an incredibly tangible way.

    The agile sound design also plays a major role: when Ruben and Lou chug through towns and country roads, a melancholic bass sound wall drowns out any environmental atmosphere. We are also repeatedly allowed to participate in Ruben’s distorted sound perception – an extremely dull sound that sounds most like being under water. This was designed by “Gravity” sound engineer Nicolas Becker on the basis of a soundproof room.

    A cast that is second to none

    So that the main actor could better put himself in his role, he was given a hearing aid with white noise. Whether that was the crucial help or not: Riz Ahmed excels as an industrious stubborn man trying to ignore the long-term implications of his new reality.

    Tandem Films

    Riz Ahmed shines in “Sound Of Metal”

    Long intimate conversations make Ruben nervous because he doesn’t want to deal with his feelings. Then they burst out sporadically in a fit of anger, during which he destroys half his equipment. It’s a remarkable tightrope walk between forced undercooling and sympathetic fucked-up that Ahmed shows there.

    The other actors top it off: Olivia Cooke, known from the black humor thriller “Thoroughbreds” and above all Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One”, leaves a big impression with a relatively small role as Lou, who is emotionally overwhelmed. Likewise Paul Raci as Joe, head of the deaf shelter and psychologically scarred mentor figure. Although he is not deaf in real life, his parents are, which is why he learned sign language at an early age. Like Ahmed, he was nominated for an Oscar for his role.

    At the end the goosebumps remain

    “Sound Of Metal” is a story about the painful necessity of sometimes having to give up dreams when they get in the way of one’s happiness. It’s a fairy tale about finding acceptance for heavy blows of fate – the calm that Ruben has to fathom, above all, inwardly. In a very emotional conversation with Ruben, Joe says, “The world keeps turning and it can be a cruel place. But for me, these moments of pausing count. […] And this place will never let you down.”

    There is so much more that could be said about this magnetic work – from the loving depiction of the excitingly striving deaf community to the brilliantly exploited implementation of the typical 3-act structure to the perfect ending, which brings together all the strands and ideas of the film to create a goose bumps moment – but now I have anticipated enough. Convince yourself of this unforgettable piece of art.

    Lots of highlights new to Amazon Prime: brutal cop action, shark horror, Oscar cinema, kinky comedy & more

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  • “A gift for film fans”: “Tenet” director Christopher Nolan praises “Dune” in the highest tones – Kino News

    Director Denis Villeneuve’s Dune is not only captivating audiences around the world, it has also found a great advocate in Interstellar and The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan.

    2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    Christopher Nolan and Denis Villeneuve: These two names stand for bombastic, powerfully staged and visually outstanding blockbuster cinema like no other. When Studio Warner’s decision was announced at the end of 2020 to publish all films of 2021 (including “Dune”) in parallel on the streaming service HBO Max, the two also became allies who criticized this decision with harsh words.

    For each other, however, Nolan and Villeneuve only had words of praise in a podcast discussion after a “Dune” screening by the Directors Guild Of America (DGA). Nolan in particular raved about “Dune” in the highest tones. You can listen to the podcast here.

    A master director praises the other

    “[‚Dune‘] blends scenes that were actually filmed with computer-generated visual effects in a way I’ve never seen before,” Nolan said. “The film is very, very compelling at all times.”

    He’s seen “Dune” a few times now and always discovers new details, Nolan continued. “The film was made in such a way that it definitely belongs on the big screen. [‚Dune‘] is a real treat and gift for film fans everywhere – and thank you very much for that, Denis.”

    In the conversation, the two filmmakers exchanged views on how such a seamless combination of CGI and real images can succeed: “You shoot as much as possible on real locations,” explained Villeneuve. “There are some shots that are 100 percent CGI, but I’ve tried to avoid those as much as possible.”

    A great help was the “master class” (Quote Villeneuve) with camera legend Roger Deakins, with whom Villeneuve worked on his previous film “Blade Runner 2049” (for which Deakins incidentally won his first Oscar). “In the end, it’s all about the lighting,” Villeneuve summed it up.

    That’s why Villeneuve didn’t shoot “Dune: Part 2” in parallel

    Nolan also said he’s confident Dune will bring a whole new generation of fans to Frank Herbert’s book. As is well known, Villeneuve only filmed the first half of Herbert’s sci-fi classic with “Dune”. Anyone who wants to shorten the waiting time for the now actually announced “Dune: Part Two” can do so by reading the book.

    » “Dune – The Desert Planet” at Amazon*

    Speaking to Nolan, Villeneuve reiterated that the idea of ​​a dichotomy was very important to him from the start: “I felt it would be a mistake to put such a huge story into a film. There was no discussion about it. [Studio Warner] immediately agreed,” said Villeneuve.

    “Dune 2” is coming – and the sequel already has a release date!

    Originally he wanted to shoot “Dune: Part 1” and “Dune: Part 2” back-to-back (“back-to-back” as it is called in English technical jargon), but Warner was less enthusiastic about it. “I should say that you’re only as good as your last film and that’s why you have a certain reputation. I’m afraid ‘Blade Runner 2049’ just wasn’t a huge blockbuster hit, so they didn’t necessarily want to invest in two movies straight away.”

    In fact, Blade Runner 2049 arguably just missed a flop at the box office, and while Nolan called Blade Runner 2049 a “huge hit and an incredible work of art,” In the end, Villeneuve is even glad that he didn’t shoot both films one after the other, as he revealed in an interview: “I would have died. I’m very happy we didn’t do that. I wouldn’t have the stamina for it.”

    By the way, Christopher Nolan will no longer shoot his next film “Oppenheimer” for Warner, but for another studio. You can find all the details known so far here:

    (Not) a typical Christopher Nolan film: main actor & German start date for new war film “Oppenheimer” announced

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  • Stream quickly: Perhaps the scariest horror film of all time, sci-fi cult & more soon away from Amazon Prime – cinema news

    It’s that time again: All sorts of film highlights will no longer be available in the Amazon Prime Video subscription for a few days. We introduce you to the acute cases where streaming is most worthwhile.

    Miramax Films / Artisan Entertainment / Amazon

    If streaming services have one disadvantage, it is that most licensed titles (i.e. those that were not produced by the provider themselves) are only available for a limited time. As a result, users sometimes suddenly have very little time to work through certain titles from the watch list. This is now also the case for many films on Amazon Prime Video, which Prime subscribers can only access for a few days (in one case only for a few hours) at no additional cost.

    You can find the full list of titles dropping Prime subscriptions in the coming weeks here:

    » These films will disappear from Amazon Prime Video in the next few days*

    While many of them are not yet certain when they will be thrown out (and you will at least have a little more time there), we have picked out a few special highlights below for which the date of their disappearance has already been set.

    Blair Witch Project

    We want to make “Blair Witch Project” particularly prominent, on the one hand because the found footage classic from 1999 actually Only part of the Prime subscription today, October 29, 2021 (!). on the other hand because the film, thanks to its pseudo-documentary style, is still particularly scary today. Just recently, a study even named “Blair Witch Project” the scariest horror film of all time:

    New study finds Blair Witch Project the scariest horror film of all time

    In any case, goosebumps are guaranteed when a trio of students goes into a dark forest in search of a legendary witch with a camera at the ready and soon has to fear for their lives in the face of strange occurrences.

    Also out of the Prime subscription soon

    • “Suicide Squad” (until October 30th with Prime): The first screen appearance of the DC anti-hero troupe is by no means as successful as James Gunn’s quasi-reboot from this year, but thanks to the great cast of characters it offers solid comic entertainment, at least in the first half (3 stars in the FILMSTARTS review) .
    • “The Hole In The Ground” (until November 1st with Prime): atmospheric horror secret tip in which a mother and her son encounter a strange cesspool behind their house and the boy suddenly seems like a different person (3.5 stars in the FILMSTARTS review)
    • “code 8” (until November 1st with Prime): Sci-fi actioner starring “Arrow” Robbie Amell and his cousin Stephen Amell, in which a man with supernatural powers gets involved with criminals in order to care for his ailing mother (3.5 stars in the FILMSTARTS review)
    • The Kommissar Mørck series (until November 5th with Prime): With “mercy”, “desecration”, “redemption” and “contempt”, all four previous adaptations of Jussi Adler-Olsen’s abysmal crime thriller series about inspector Carl Mørck fly out of the prime subscription (3 stars each in the FILMSTARTS review ).
    • “Sonic The Hedgehog” (until November 6th with Prime): after the revision of the fan-hated first design of the title character, the video game adaptation turned out to be surprisingly entertaining (3 stars in the FILMSTARTS review)
    • “Good Boys” (until November 8th with Prime): rough and above all hilarious comedy about three kids who get from one mess to the next in their search for recognition (4 stars in the FILMSTARTS review)
    • “Equilibrium” (until November 11th with Prime): Sci-Fi cult with Christian Bale, who opposes a totalitarian system in which all emotions are suppressed with drugs (4 stars in the FILMSTARTS review)

    As mentioned above, in addition to the titles mentioned, a number of other films worth seeing will soon disappear from the Amazon Prime subscription, including the legendary “The Godfather” trilogy, the Korean masterpiece “Oldboy” and JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” – Reboot. However, since Amazon has not yet given an exact date for their subscription eviction and they are therefore likely to stay a little longer, we will refer to them separately as soon as their disappearance becomes more acute.

    *The link to the Amazon offer is a so-called affiliate link. If you make a purchase through this link, we will receive a commission.

  • ‘The Witcher’ Season 2: Epic New Trailer Reveals One Of Video Game’s Worst Monsters – Series News

    The new trailer for the second season of “The Witcher” on Netflix can only be called epic – there are great choreographed sword fights, mega action and lots of monsters. We also see the creepy Leshen.

    Shortly before Christmas there are finally new “The Witcher” episodes. For two long years, fans of the fantasy series starring Henry Cavill as monster hunter Geralt of Rivia had to wait for supplies – on December 17, 2021, season 2 of “The Witcher” will finally come to Netflix.

    Several trailers have already been released, so we already know what Kim Bodnia looks like as Geralt’s mentor Vesemir and the design of the boar man Nivellen, played by Game Of Thrones star Kristofer Hivju. Especially with series like “The Witcher”, which are based on book templates, it’s always particularly exciting to see how the characters are implemented.

    Packed monster action in season 2

    But not only the Netflix series is based on the novel series by Andrzej Sapkowski, the books had previously been used as a template for the hugely successful The Witcher video game series – and in it the Leshen is one of the worst monsters.

    Already at the beginning of 2020 we reported that the Leshen (or Leshy or Waldschrat) should have an appearance in the second season of “The Witcher”, now this has been confirmed with the new trailer. The monster is only mentioned in the “Witcher” books and is described as an ancient, highly intelligent and very dangerous monster that many people mistake for a spirit protecting the forests.

    The Leshen: Dangerous tree monster

    Leshens can shapeshift, appearing in their natural form as a hybrid between a wildcat and a bear, but can also assume the human form of an old man or masquerade as a tree. In The Witcher video games, the powerful monster that poses a great challenge to players was given a terrifying form: it is a large, branched creature with a deer skull and gigantic antlers.

    The “The Witcher” series has now been based on this design: The Leshen is a tall tree creature that appears to be able to use roots as a weapon, with a crown of branches atop its head – not dissimilar to antlers. For one of the series characters, the encounter with the Leshen is said to lead to “serious consequences”. Netflix also released a high-resolution photo of the Leshen:


    Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia returns in season 2 of The Witcher, including Freya Allan as Ciri, Anya Chalotra as Yennefer, Anna Shaffer as Triss, Joey Batey as Jaskier, Eamon Farren as Cahir, MyAnna Buring as Tissaia . And by the way: Season 3 of “The Witcher” is already ordered!

    Here you can also watch the new trailer in the original English version:

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