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  • Before Halloween: “Star Wars” horror film is coming to Disney + – but it’s different than you might have hoped for – cinema news

    For years, some “Star Wars” fans have wanted to try other genres – maybe even a horror film. Now Star Wars Scary Stories is coming to Disney+, but it shouldn’t be too dark because it’s a LEGO production.

    Walt Disney

    The world of “Star Wars” is huge and so you can tell different stories in it from different times and in different places – and also in all kinds of genres. In fan circles there has been hope for a long time that there will be a “Star Wars” horror film at some point. At least with LEGO figures and child-friendly, this is now fulfilled:

    From October 1, 2021, LEGO Star Wars Spooky Stories will be available exclusively on Disney+.

    » “Star Wars” and more on Disney+*

    The animated film special is part of the Hallowstream celebrations on the streaming service in the spooky month of October and is intended to continue the tradition of the “LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special” from the previous year.

    So it shouldn’t be really scary in the “scary stories”, but if the quality of the predecessor is reached, there is at least a lively and entertaining horror adventure for young and old.

    This is “LEGO Star Wars Scary Stories”

    The storyline is set after the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Poe Dameron has to make an emergency landing on Mustafar with BB-8. While his X-wing is being repaired, he looks at Darth Vader’s old castle. His old faithful servant Vaneé tells a few scary stories during the tourrelated to ancient artifacts and iconic villains from various Star Wars episodes. But something creepy is also going on in the background story. Because late Poe realizes that he is part of a sinister plan to resurrect an old evil. Too late?

    As Disney also announced, two Hollywood stars could also be won as voice actors for “LEGO Star Wars Scary Stories”. Comedian Tony Hale (“Arrested Developmet”) will voice Vader’s trusty servant, Vaneé. Christian Slater (“True Romance”) stars as a mysterious character named Ren.

    Below is also the poster with clear horror film borrowing.

    Walt Disney and its affiliates

    Check out the full poster here!

  • Amazon’s “The Lord of the Rings” series: The first picture reveals more than you might think

    For Amazon’s super expensive fantasy series epic “The Lord of the Rings” not only the start date on September 2, 2022 was finally revealed, but also the first picture. And that looks nice – but what exactly do we see there? We clarify.

    Amazon Studios

    The guesswork around the mysterious snippets of information that you get delivered to a long-awaited new series or film project is somehow half the fun to sweeten the waiting time. And with Amazon’s Tolkien adaptation “The Lord of the Rings” it’s still quite long: The first season of the “Lord of the Rings” series will only start on September 2, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. The episodes will then appear weekly.

    More than two years ago, fantasy fans were teased with the release of a map on Prime’s The Lord Of The Rings Twitter channel, which was only gradually filled with information and invited guesswork as to the location and time of the action. And so now we have this very first official picture from the series:

    Amazon Studios

    The official information about it: It comes from the first episode of the “Lord of the Rings” series (which by the way is still untitled and will probably operate under this makeshift title for a while). But what do we actually see in the picture? This invites you to speculate. But some things can be said with almost certainty:

    Because the two glowing trees in the background can actually only be the two trees of Valinor. With the creation of the two trees by the Valar, 14 spirit beings who helped shape the world (in short!), the First Age was ushered in. The trees were named Laurelin (green leaves edged with gold) and Telperion (green-silver leaves) and stood on the hill Ezellohar in Valinor.

    Amazon Studios

    stood? Yes, because the trees, which alternately donated their radiant light during their lifetime and created something like day and night as the first light source of the universe, were destroyed. The Valar Melkor (since no longer counted among the Valar and later renamed Morgoth and became Sauron’s master (!)) destroyed the trees with the help of the gigantic spider Ungoliant.

    From the remains of the trees, the Valar then created the sun (gold) and moon (silver). What remained of the jewels’ light was then incorporated into three jewels – the Silmaril.

    But why is it so important now that there are those trees, and what does that tell us about the plot of the show? The First Age began with the creation of Laurelin and Telperion – and ended with their destruction. But now we know that The Lord of the Rings series is set in the SECOND Age. So what are the trees doing there?

    The most likely answer: Since the image is from the very first episode, there is probably a longer prologue at the beginning of the serieswhich summarizes the history of the First Age, or maybe even the entire first episode is a flashback.

    We also saw a long prologue summarizing what has happened so far in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. First of all, it had to be explained who this Sauron was, who is now appearing again, and what these rings are all about (in fact, there should also be similar explanations in the series, because Sauron’s resurgence – in the Case the first – and the creation of the rings play a part).

    The quasi-celestial Valinor: home of Valar and Elves

    Back to the production design: if these are the trees of Valinor, what is this city and who is the character in the foreground? In Tolkien’s “The Silmarillion”, in which he tells the story of the creation of Middle-earth and builds the basic framework of the world in which “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” are later set, is the island of Valinor on which the shining trees stand, something like the Avalon from the Arthurian legend – a mythical, half-hidden place in western Middle-earth.

    ›› “The Silmarillion” on Amazon*

    Valinor, the land of the Valar, is on the continent of Aman (the names are often used interchangeably, so don’t be surprised if other articles say otherwise). There also lies Eldamar, the land of the Elves, who were allowed to live on Aman as mortals (at least mortal compared to the godlike Valar). So the person shown in the picture can actually only be a Valar or an Elf or an Elfin.

    Valmar, the city rich in bells

    A little reminder: You already know Valinor from the “Lord of the Rings” films. In the finale of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, the elves leave Middle-earth and, with Frodo, Bilbo and Gandalf in their luggage, set off for the undying lands of the West – that is Valinor aka Aman.

    ›› “The Lord of the Rings” – Extended Edition Trilogy at Amazon*

    And the white city in front of the glowing trees? That must be the glorious city of Valmar, called “the Bell Kingdoms,” where the Valar lived.

    Valinor, Valmar, Lauren, Telperion – you can see: just the first picture, which at first glance only impresses with its beauty, but otherwise just looks like a landscape shot, contains some interesting information about the start of the ” The Lord of the Rings series in it.

    Maybe not so bad if Amazon gradually publishes such pictures that invite you to deal with the history of Tolkien’s world – a better preparation for the fantasy series, in which there are certainly louder cryptic terms and allusions to this and that historical event will hail, can’t actually happen.

    Who is playing anyway?

    Finally, a few more easily digestible hard facts. Here’s a selection of cast members from Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings series – one of whom has a role we’re already familiar with: Morfydd Clark is set to play the young Galadriel. Also starring: Robert Aramayo as Beldor, Markella Kavenagh as Tyra, Joseph Mawle as Oren, and Maxim Alexander Baldry, Ema Horvath, Nazanin Boniadi and Cynthia Addai-Robinson.

    In addition to “Lord of the Rings”, another fantasy epic will become part of the Amazon series: teaser for “The Wheel Of Time”

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  • “Fast & Furious 10” & “Fast & Furious 11” definitely without Dwayne Johnson: But great ideas for “Hobbs & Shaw 2” – Kino News

    Dwayne Johnson has already made it clear that even after “Fast & Furious 9” there will be no return to the main series. Since fans still don’t want to believe that, the confirmation comes again. He only stays true to the universe in spin-offs.

    Universal Pictures

    The old dispute between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson recently went into a new round. After Dom actor Diesel boasted that he was responsible for Johnson’s good acting performances, he could only laugh and explained:

    “I wish them every success with ‘Fast 10’ and ‘Fast 11’ and the rest of the ‘Fast & Furious’ films that they will make, which will happen without me.” Without me? Yes, Dwayne Johnson explained that the circulating return of him will not be the big conclusion of the “Fast & Furious” saga.

    But the fans didn’t want to believe that, as all the important characters should return at the end. At the end of “Fast & Furious 9” we already see Jason Statham as Shaw. But he stays in the main series without Hobbs!

    Completed the Fast & Furious chapter

    In an interview with colliders Johnson’s closest confidante Hiram Garcia made it clear that fans should bury all their hopes. Garcia is Johnson’s best friend, runs his production company and produces all of his films. If anyone knows what Dwayne Johnson is up to, it’s him. And his words leave little room for further speculation.

    so it is said that Johnson “made the clear decision after filming ‘Fast 8’ to close the ‘Fast & Furious’ chapter”. Garcia also clarifies again: “He will not be in ‘F10’ or ‘F11’!”

    Johnson has his own plans for Hobbs

    Instead, you have your own plans as to what you want to do with Hobbs. At the moment they are already working on the sequel to “Hobbs & Shaw” and have “some very big ideas”. “Fans are going to love what they’re planning to do with Hobbs,” Garcia said.

    “Hobbs & Shaw 2” obviously exists in the same universe as the “Fast & Furious” main series and they won’t get in each other’s way, but they’re working on “delivering something very unique and fresh”.

    Since he can flex his muscles: Dwayne Johnson reveals his “Black Adam” costume

    It is not yet known when other films from the “Fast & Furious” franchise will be in cinemas. There is no known schedule for either Fast & Furious 10 or Hobbs & Shaw 2.

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  • Forget the Disney version: everything is completely different in the German trailer for Amazon’s “Cinderella” – cinema news

    This Cinderella doesn’t just want to be a princess at her prince’s side, waving from the balcony – she wants to do her own thing. She is played by pop superstar Camila Cabello in Amazon’s “Cinderella” reboot.

    Here we have the case that we have encountered so often in the past year and a half during the pandemic: the new “Cinderella” film was actually supposed to be released in the cinema, but it ended up on a streaming service. Cinderella, starring Camila Cabello, will be available on Amazon Prime Video on September 3, 2021.

    But what’s so different about this “Cinderella” adaptation by Kay Cannon, in which pop star Cabello lets her powerful voice be heard, of which the trailer already impressively gives a taste? The fact that the fairy tale of Cinderella, aka Cinderella, is being implemented as a musical actually seems to be very Disney-classic. But in Amazon’s “Cinderella” something is different:

    Cinderella (Camila Cabello), who lives with her evil stepmother (Idina Menzel) and her nasty daughters, wants to open her own fashion shop. And she doesn’t let that dissuade her when Prince Robert (Nicholas Galitzine) falls in love with her at the ball and wants to marry her.

    Camilla Cabello as modern day Cinderella

    This Cinderella is a happy ending with her prince so not enough she not only wants love, but also success in her job. Designing and selling clothes is the dream she has been pursuing since childhood, not marrying an heir to the throne and smilingly waving from the balcony.

    Of course, Cinderella also gets some help in Amazon’s free fairy tale adaptation: Von the fairy godmother, played here as a genderless magical creature by “Pose” star Billy Porterand three mice who are sometimes turned into humans by a spell cast by the Fairy Godmother “Fab G”, as Porter’s character is originally called – and one of them is played by James Corden, a self-confessed musical fan who has appeared in a.o “Into The Woods” and “Cats”.

    Vocal stepmother

    Idina Menzel, who plays the evil stepmother, is of course no stranger either: she probably had her most popular role to date as voice actress and singer for Elsa in the original version of “Frozen”. Cinderella stars Minnie Driver and Pierce Brosnan as queen and king.

    You can also watch the trailer in the original English version here:

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  • Finally at Disney +: One of THE cult series of your childhood – but 2 episodes are missing! – Series news

    Even when the German launch of Disney+ was announced, many children of the 90s were looking forward to the dizzying adventures of “Captain Balu and his daredevil crew”. But there was no trace of the trick series on the streaming service – until now!

    Disney and its affiliates

    Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom! There is hardly a child of the 90s with an affinity for trick series who does not immediately have the snappy, catchy title tune in mind when they think of “Captain Balu and his daredevil crew”. The Disney series also ran up and down on a wide variety of channels in Germany and, alongside formats such as “Darkwing Duck”, “Chip und Chap – Die Ritter des Rechts” and “Die Dinos”, is undoubtedly one of THE great cult series of the Maushaus in the first half of the decade.

    Accordingly, when it was announced that Disney+ would also come to Germany and bring together the biggest Disney brands in one place, old fans of the series already sang in anticipation of the said intro. When the time came in March 2020, however, “Käpt’n Balu” shone with its absence – even though the series in the USA (where it goes by the name “TaleSpin”) was part of the streaming service’s launch offer at the time. Almost a year and a half later, the time has finally come:

    All episodes of “Captain Balu and his daredevil crew” can be accessed on Disney+ from today, August 4, 2021.

    » “Captain Baloo and his daring crew” on Disney+*

    Absurd Disney – that works

    The idea for “Captain Balu and his daredevil crew” reads quite absurd on paper. As in some other series of the time, well-known Disney characters were placed in a completely new setting that sometimes had nothing to do with their original surroundings. In this case, it was the animals from the Disney classic “The Jungle Book”.

    The eponymous Balu, for example, becomes a daring pilot who, together with the orphan boy Kit Wolkenflitzer and his plane Seegans, works as a cargo pilot for the tough Rebecca Cunningham in the port city of Cape Suzette – and thanks to stubborn air pirates, among other things, he repeatedly finds himself in particularly precarious situations equipment. Meanwhile, we see “Jungle Book” monkey Louie here as a lively club owner and villain Shir Khan as an opaque businessman.

    But as absurd as the concept may seem, in the end it worked surprisingly well. Based on the classic adventure entertainment of the 1930s and 1940s, “Captain Balu” is still a lot of fun thanks to lots of wit and all sorts of original ideas.

    Only one season – which is also missing 2 episodes

    However, the series was not given a very long runtime. Due to the former permanent presence on TV (where the series has not been running since 2015) it is hard to believe, but “Captain Balu and his daredevil crew” only jetted through the air for a single season. However, it has a total of 65 episodes – at least originally. As in the USA, the following two episodes are now missing on Disney + in Germany, one of which is even the series finale:

    • Episode 32: “Balu in the Kingdom of the Pandas” (OT: “Last Horizons”): Baloo encounters the fabled kingdom of Panda-La, where he is initially warmly welcomed, while the residents secretly plan an attack on Cape Suzette. The episode is missing due to the depiction of war and the stereotypical references to the East Asian population.
    • Episode 65: “The Flying Bucket” (OT: “Flying Dupes”): Balu is supposed to deliver a package to a state leader, which is actually a bomb. The episode is probably missing because of the terrorism references.

    At least the remaining 63 episodes can now finally be watched up and down in Germany on Disney+. The only things missing now are “The Dinosaurs” and the “Aladdin” series…

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  • New to Amazon Prime Video: The launch of a shocking true crime series – Kino News

    If you want to get shivers down your spine, you can now watch the start of the true crime series “The Act” with a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. Also new: Hard and questionable FSK-18 war action in “Balkan Line”.

    Hulu/Amazon Prime Video

    With the first episode of the anthology series “The Act”, Amazon Prime Video now has a high-quality true crime format in its portfolio (all other episodes are available by subscription to the STARZPLAY Channel on Amazon). The series, which takes on new true crime cases from season to season, has won both a Grammy and an Emmy.

    That’s what “The Act” is about

    The background of the story is the murder of the American Clauddinnea “Dee Dee” Blanchard. A true-to-life picture-perfect mother (played by Patricia Arquette on the show), she takes care of her ailing daughter, Gipsy Rose (Joey King), who has needed a wheelchair and ongoing care since birth.

    » “The Act” in subscription to Amazon Prime Video*

    Together, mother and daughter not only survived homelessness, but also survived Hurricane Katrina. It is therefore not surprising that Dee Dee is appreciated by everyone around her. But something doesn’t seem right between her and Gipsy anymore. A terrible secret will soon take Dee Dee’s life…

    If you want to see brutal war action, you can now watch the Russian-Serbian FSK-18 tearjerker “Balkan Line” by Andrey Volgin on Amazon Prime Video. The FSK 18 cracker only appeared in Germany in March and is now already available on the streaming service. However, the film is accused of doing propaganda in the interest of Russia and Serbia.

    That’s what “Balkan Line” is about

    1999: NATO bombs Belgrade to force the Yugoslav army to withdraw from Kosovo. This should finally end the Kosovo war between Yugoslavia and the Kosovan freedom fighters and prevent further human rights violations.

    » “Balcony Line” in subscription to Amazon Prime Video*

    Now, however, Albanian terrorists who are targeting the Serb minority in Kosovo are getting involved in the conflict. The Russian soldiers Andrey Satalov (Anton Pampushnyy) and Bek (Yuriy Kutsenko) and their team now have to take action against the terrorists and see themselves confronted with an enemy superiority…

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  • Iron Man’s wayward stepbrother: Tonight one of the worst superhero films ever is on TV – cinema news

    With “Max Steel”, RTL Nitro is showing one of the most boring and outrageous superhero films ever made tonight from 10:20 p.m. I would like to be the next Iron Man, but it’s just a bunch of electronic waste…

    Universe Movie Home Entertainment

    +++ Opinion +++

    For a change, the superhero film “Max Steel” is not based on a comic, but on an action figure series and the associated animated series. But ironically, that just makes the film even more generic — like it was simply cobbled together from a handful of well-known comic book franchises. Unfortunately, the result is not a technical masterpiece like Tony Stark did back then, who welded his Iron Man armor together from electronic scraps in a cave in the desert, but a large pile of scrap.

    In 2009, then-famous “Twilight” werewolf Taylor Lautner was originally slated to star in the live-action version – but when the time finally came in 2016, the largely unknown Ben Winchell filled in for him instead. At the same time, this meant a significant reduction in the budget. In the end, the toy company Mattel only had a measly five to ten million dollars. (Competitor Hasbro is much more generous with “Transformers”, “Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins” or “Barbie”.)

    Despite the mini-budget, “Max Steel” still turned out to be a catastrophic flop: A mere miserable $6.3 million came in at the North American box office (that doesn’t even cover marketing costs). In Germany it was only enough for a direct home cinema evaluation:

    » “Max Steel” at Amazon*

    This is the (super boring) plot of “Max Steel”

    After another move, teenager Max McGrath (Ben Winchell) returns to the place where his father died in a lab accident years ago. While he quickly falls for sweet Sofia (Ana Villafañe) at his new school, his body isn’t just going crazy because of the love hormones:

    Max charges himself electrically again and again until the stored energy can no longer be controlled. Max only gets to grips with his new abilities when he meets the alien, robot-like being Steel. Because when the alien and the teenager connect, they mutate together into the invincible superhero Max Steel…

    Definitely not an alternative to Spider-Man

    The parallels to Peter Parker aka Spider-Man are of course obvious in this plot. But Ben Winchell just isn’t Tom Holland or Tobey Maguire. Nevertheless, the blame does not lie solely with the pale main actor: The brooding Max is given a sidekick in the form of the alien robot Steel, who acts like a really lousy stand-up comedian, throwing out one embarrassingly inappropriate oneliner after the other.

    And where Spider-Man still swung through the street canyons of Manhattan, Max just jumps and flies around a little in an empty ruined building – something spectacular is definitely different. Even when Max eventually reunites with Steel to form Max Steel to activate his barely defined “turbo powers,” the result is more reminiscent of a budget version of the “Power Rangers.” Outrageous, interchangeable, boring – that’s how you drive out the last bit of fun even from a superhero story!

    The FILMSTARTS review of “Max Steel”

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  • Top Secret Documents Seized From Trump During FBI Raid

    Top Secret Documents Seized From Trump During FBI Raid

  • New to Netflix: In this horror thriller, your new home becomes a death trap – cinema news

    Today, August 4th, 2021, the horror thriller “Aftermath” will start exclusively on Netflix, in which a quarreling couple want to start over in a new house, only to be met with pure horror there.


    The premise sounds reasonably exciting, the poster, from which the above news picture comes, looks atmospheric: In “Aftermath”, the troubled couple Natalie (Ashley Greene) and Kevin (Shawn Ashmore) are transformed from a couples therapist to a new beginning in a advised new environment. So the two move without further ado – but in their new home, which has a dark past, Natalie is soon afflicted by eerie events that nobody really wants to believe at first…

    The horror thriller Aftermath premieres on Netflix on August 4, 2021.

    Browsing through the weekly reboots on Netflix, this sounded like a decent little thriller released directly to the streaming service that could make for a fun evening. Then we watched the trailer:

    And all the excitement that story and poster had built up was gone. The trailer comes across as pretty cheap and the performances of the actors aren’t exactly convincing either. You can now find out for yourself whether “Aftermath” is worth it – or read about it in a more detailed article here on FILMSTARTS tomorrow, Thursday.

    Instead of “Aftermath”: Our Netflix film tips

    Maybe the whole thing turns out to be a guilty pleasure on TV movie level – so if you like thrillers in which inexplicable things happen in a actually cozy looking house and nobody believes the protagonist, you can take a look.

    Luckily, Netflix still has enough choices to switch to if Peter Winther’s “Aftermath” just isn’t for you. On the one hand, you can browse through our list of the best films on Netflix – sorted by your ratings. And on the other hand, we have compiled all the masterpieces on Netflix in a big special for you, which we can also recommend as film tips for the FILMSTARTS editors:

    Masterpieces on Netflix

  • TV tip: This million hit is not only a real hit at the box office – Kino News

    With the moped to the Baltic Sea? For Lars Eidinger and Bjarne Mädel, this is a life’s work in the charming road movie “25 km/h”, which celebrates its free TV premiere tonight. Switching on is worth it!

    Sony Pictures Releasing GmbH

    Ten years ago, Matthias Schweighöfer and Friedrich Mücke were allowed to travel to the United States in “Friendship!” after the fall of the Wall. The result? The most successful German cinema release of the year. In “25 km/h”, which celebrates its free TV premiere this Wednesday (4 August 2021) at 8:15 p.m. on Sat.1the successful team behind “Friendship!” sends two stars out into the world once again.

    Again “Friendship!” Director Markus Goller look forward to more than a million visitors in German cinemas! Unlike in “Friendship!” Lars Eidinger and Bjarne Mädel do not leave the Federal Republic in the case of “25 km/h”. The journey for the two protagonists is still adventurous – here the mopeds from the teenage days are still mounted!

    That’s what “25 km/h” is about

    The sibling duo Christian (Lars Eidinger) and Georg (Bjarne Mädel) has not seen each other for 30 years. Ironically, at her father’s funeral, they run into each other again. Although initially there was silence between the unequal brothers, the alcohol at the funeral feast gradually eased the mood.

    Without further ado, the two over-40s decide to do what they wanted to do together when they were young: drive across Germany on a moped and relieve themselves together in the Baltic Sea. From the Black Forest to Rügen, however, Christian and Georg can never drive faster than 25 km/h – and thus have plenty of time to deal with conflicts of the past…

    +++ Opinion +++

    Of course, the story of “25 km/h” doesn’t sound particularly original. Especially when you realize that Markus Goller has already delivered a very similar comedy with “Friendship!”. In the official FILMSTARTS review, the road movie still got a decent 3.5 out of 5 stars – and I think that’s fully deserved.

    “25 km/h” touches the heart and is very funny

    In the conclusion of the FILMSTARTS review it says very aptly: “Despite an unoriginal premise and constantly lurking clichés, director Markus Goller makes the difference ’25 km/h’ is a refreshingly likeable feel-good road movie that is more profound and surprising than you would think at first.

    In my opinion, that sums it up very well, because if “25 km/h” can score with one thing, it’s with its realistically drawn characters. What may seem trite at first glance becomes a really touching experience thanks to the attentive powers of observation on the part of Markus Goller and the two famous main actors.

    » “25 km/h” on Blu-ray at Amazon*

    Lars Eidinger and Bjarne Mädel, who not only underline their comedic talent but also their class as character actors, give “25 km/h” a surprisingly subtle depth, which is given the necessary space to be allowed to work. Moments of interpersonal openness are not misused for the next gag because Markus Goller is really concerned with the feelings of the two protagonists.

    Nevertheless, “25 km/h” is of course also a lot of fun, which often arises from the contrast between the two brothers. Almost episodically, as befits the dramaturgy of a classic road movie, Lars Eidinger and Bjarne Mädel stumble from one surprising situation to the next. You will not only experience tangible madness, but also genuine everyday poetry.

    *The link to the Amazon offer is a so-called affiliate link. If you make a purchase through this link, we will receive a commission.

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