15 Interesting Facts About the Villains of Disney Movies

Disney movies are an unforgettable part of our childhood for many of us. 😊 But we often overlook the characters that make these stories more complex and fun. Throughout our childhood, we wished that the bad characters who caused various disasters for the main character would disappear. However, we owe all these adventures to them! 😊 We have researched and compiled the most memorable villains of the Disney world for you. Get ready to return to your childhood! Here are some interesting facts about “Disney’s villains” that you haven’t heard before…


Ursula, who appeared in the movie The Little Mermaid, was making things very difficult for Ariel. You might be surprised to learn that she is King Triton’s sister! Because Ariel is also an aunt 😊

Gaston, who appears in Beauty and the Beast, is not actually in the original story. Inspired by the character from the 1946 movie

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney’s first movie, also features the first female villain. Her name is Grimhilde

While the color green is often associated with nature and health, it represents evil in the Disney world.

We see that colors such as purple, red and black come to the fore in the most troublesome characters of the Disney world.


This unique costume worn by Maleficent is inspired by the devil and medieval Czech designs.


Scar, one of the unforgettable characters of The Lion King, was not always called by this name. In his youth he was called Taka, which means “waste/surplus” in Swahili.


The youngest of Disney’s villains are Hans from Frozen (23) and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast (25)


Kaa, the villain in the Jungle Boy movie, wasn’t actually bad in the original story. For he had saved Mowgli from the monkeys.


Until 1991, all of Disney’s princess movies featured a villain.


The first male villain in the Disney world was Gaston, followed by Jaffar in Aladdin.


Gothel, who appears in the movie Rapunzel, wears Renaissance clothes even though the story takes place in the 1700s. So he’s about 400 years old!


Hades, who appeared in the movie Hercules, is not the only villain in the movie. Because when you look carefully, you can see that Scar is also in the movie.


Many of the villains in Disney movies came together in the 2001 movie Mickey’s House of Villains.


We meet a cute sheep in the movie Zootopia, which was released in 2016. In the following minutes, we see that the sheep is not really innocent. The change in the color of his glasses gives us clues


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